‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Looks Back on One of His Favorite Moments from Season 1

by Courtney Blackann

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one episode left of “1883” in its debut season. As some of Taylor Sheridan’s best work, we’ve all come to love the Dutton family originals. Of course, the story couldn’t properly be told without Capt. Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) or his trusted friend Thomas (Lamonica Garrett). And as fans of the Western drama are anxiously waiting for the finale, Lamonica Garrett is sharing some of his favorite moments from season one.

In a post on Instagram, Garrett posted a clip of his favorite scene from “1883” – and it’s a good one. Surely all fans could relate to feeling enraged as the wagon party leaders discover a group of Native Americans who’d been killed by a rowdy group of bandits in the last episode. The unruly riders killed the indigenous people just to bait their men into a gunfight.

“Them Indians is prairie maggots and nothing else,” one of the murderous cowboys tells Shea, Thomas and James Dutton (Tim McGraw). The trio of good guys don’t wait to hear any more of their nonsense before firing right at them. But it’s when Thomas has clean knocked one of the riders off his horse and he’s holding his rifle straight to the cowboy’s head where he really has his moment.

“You ain’t no judge. You ain’t no f—king juror. Them folks wasn’t the thieves. You’re the thieves. And you’re gonna die for it,” Thomas says before blowing the guy away.

“1883” Character Development in Season One

Throughout the season, Thomas maintained so much optimism and inclusion for the immigrant families he’s helping to lead west. Though he’s killed when he must, Thomas is no murderer. And the cowboy is angered by the fact that these cowboys killed an entire family of native people. It’s something he and the others just won’t stand for.

Further, there are so many epic moments from season one of “1883.” Thomas has his own incredible story of finding love. His relationship with the widow Noemi is delicate and pure. Their mutual respect for each other is both endearing and encouraging.

The series’ narrator Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) perhaps experiences the most growth and change. Her eyes are opened to the harshness of the frontier. It’s only after losing her beloved cowboy Ennis that she turns a little darker and more aware. Though she lost her innocence, she gained a valuable lesson in love and loss.

And the young woman finds love again in a Comanche warrior that is Sam (Martin Sensmeier). She boldly becomes his wife – and dons a bright blue top that reflects Sam’s culture. However, Elsa is brutally struck with an arrow after the wagon party is robbed by a group of Native Americans who believe they are responsible for killing their family.

Her fate remains unknown. That is until tomorrow when the season finale of “1883” arrives. The final installment of the first season will be available on Feb. 27 to stream on Paramount+.