‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Reveals the Biggest Lesson Sam Elliott Taught Him

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

With 50 years of on-screen experience, Sam Elliott is brimming with film industry wisdom. But his genuine “passion” for the job is what his 1883 co-star LaMonica Garrett noticed most. And witnessing that passion taught him a lesson that he’ll carry forever.

“I think one of the main things I took away from Sam is, he’s been in this business for so long and he’s been doing it at a high level for so long and he still has passion and love for the art of filmmaking, the craft,” Garrett told Looper in an interview. “Some people, they’ve been doing it a while and they call it in. They’re like, ‘Yeah, give me the check … Doesn’t matter what the project is, just give me my money and I’m gone.'”

LaMonica Garrett Learned a Lesson on Devotion While Watching Sam Elliott

As LaMonica Garrett shared, Elliott proved just how devoted he was to the Taylor Sheridan project by immersing himself in the entire production “day in and day out.”

Each morning, Sam Elliot would be the first actor on set. He’d watch and help while the crew set up the cameras and discuss all the plans for the day, taking special care to understand the videographer’s vision. And even when his own work was done, Elliott would still show up to support his fellow castmates.

“He would have his apple box, sitting in the middle of the director and the camera people. And he was in it. When he was done shooting for the day, he would come back later to watch us do our scenes because he was a fan of watching actors work and watching all points of it. He loved being with the crew on set. He loved talking films and everything to do with filmmaking.”

In total, LaMonica Garrett spent six months filming 1883. During that time, he developed a profound respect for both Sam Elliott and his obvious love of acting. And even though both stars have moved on to new projects, Garrett walked away with a very important lesson.

No matter how long he works in Hollywood, Garrett will always strive to feel as connected to his work as Sam Elliott is.

“I don’t ever want to get jaded,” he continued. “I haven’t been doing this nearly as long as Sam or a lot of other people. But I want to keep that [spirit]. That’s the reason why he’s still making high-level art and the reason why he’s still looked at how he is looked at — he’s never lost that icon mystique status of Sam Elliott.”