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‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett Says Show Looks at American History Through Lenses ‘We Haven’t Seen Before’

by Amy Myers
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Just three episodes into the premiere season of 1883, the stars are already gushing about the impact of the storyline. Among them is LaMonica Garrett, the actor behind Thomas, the tough-skinned navigator with a heart of gold.

Along with his sidekick, Shea Brennan, Thomas is quickly becoming one of 1883 fans’ favorite characters. Already, he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t put up with any nonsense, but he also knows when he needs to pull out his softer side for those that need a bit of compassion. He also acts as the grounding force for Brennan and tends to be the calmer one of the two when things get heated.

Outside of his character’s loveable personality, the 1883 star recognizes the importance of the perspective that the show provides. The cast and crew have carefully collected stories of all viewpoints during the Western movement.

“I think [1883] shows the struggle, you know, the toughness you had to have to get where we’re at today,” Garrett explained in an interview with News Nation Now. “And I think our show is unique in a sense that, you know, it’s a prequel to Yellowstone, but it’s also a look back at the Oregon Trail through lenses that we haven’t seen before, through the business people, through immigrants, through the eyes of a black soldier, a cowboy. It’s pretty special.”

‘1883’ Star Further Explains Significance of Show’s Stories

Earlier last year, Garrett shared the same sentiment about the significance of the show. In particular, he shared how important it was to give a voice to those stories that never reached history books. Of course, a big part of these under-represented stories are those of black cowboys. But according to the 1883 star, Thomas’ role isn’t to share the tragedy of his past. Rather, the show uses his past to help paint a better picture of who the character has become.

“And every once in a while throughout the series, Thomas might reference his past, but he doesn’t lean into it. It’s not a woe is me thing. He’s just a cowboy with a story being told, just like millions of others. And, you know, I hope [for more like it],” the 1883 star shared.

Thankfully, outside of 1883, it seems that more movies and series are starting to include these stories more frequently.

“They’re starting to be shown more now – The Harder They Fall came out. There are movies and projects featuring Black cowboys. Bass Reeves, I heard they’re going to do a show about that. So hopefully it’s the beginning of it,” Garrett said. “At the end of the day, they’re all cowboys, and these cowboys just happened to be Black, but they did have stories, and they need to be told.”