‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Had Serious ‘Waterworks’ Watching Show for First Time

by Jonathan Howard
Pictured: LaMonica Garrett as Thomas of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

In a recent roundtable interview, LaMonica Garrett spoke with the media, including Outsider’s own John D.B., to talk all things 1883.

The Thomas actor has seen the first episode of the series already. That is something fans will have to wait until tomorrow night (12/19) to see. However, Garrett had some fantastic information to share, and we think it’ll get fans all the more excited.

That includes his reaction to the first look at 1883.

“I’m glad I saw it then so I could save some of the waterworks. Leave it in Amarillo and just enjoy it now. It was great watching it. I had my family there. I had my friends. And just with a whole new set of eyeballs that wasn’t the cast and crew and hearing their reactions, it seems like people liked it.”

Garrett has a gruff look due to his role on the show. His beard is grown out, his face is sun-worn, and he looks different from some of the previous characters he’s played. The former model has turned into a cowboy. With the kind of work the cast had to do on the show, it is no wonder he looks the way he does.

LaMonica Garrett Talks Cowboy Culture

Of course, if you are going to discuss 1883, you have to do it by talking about cowboys. This is a western, after all. Taylor Sheridan loves his practical effects and looks on his shows. So, it is no wonder that the cast had to learn how to do things like cowboys and even handle horses on a regular basis.

“It’s tough. Physically, like, the cowboy culture, I had no idea how demanding it was physically,” the actor said in that same interview.

It was sunup to sundown for the cast and crew. Long hours in the sun, and when it comes to working livestock, that isn’t so easy either. Even the most broken horse can have an attitude sometimes.

‘1883’ Star Learned Horses Don’t Want to Work Sometimes

If you have ever had to handle livestock of any kind, you know that they can be ornery. It isn’t just the horse’s cousins, the donkey and mule, that are stubborn. LaMonica Garret and the 1883 cast learned quickly that not every day would be easy.

“You’re on horses, and sometimes your horse doesn’t want to cooperate today. They have their own personalities, and that can make things tough,” he admitted.

The premiere of 1883 is so close, and we here at Outsider cannot wait to see the final product. There’s a star-studded cast, a great story, and of course, Sheridan is behind it. So, make sure you got popcorn in the cabinets because the premiere is just a day away.