‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Teases Return to ‘Cowboy Camp’: What Could He Be Filming?

by Jon D. B.

If 1883‘s phenomenal LaMonica Garrett is heading back to Cowboy Camp, then he’s surely beginning work on a new Taylor Sheridan project, right?

But what could that project be? There’s only a handful of options, and the most likely suspect is an excellent choice if it comes true.

“This time last year I was packing and prepping to head to cowboy camp in Texas, to begin our @1883Official journey. Doing the same now, new destination, new adventure, same gratitude,” Garrett tweeted Wednesday afternoon. And had he not shouted out Sheridan’s now-famous Cowboy Camp directly, well, this could be any old project.

In 1883, Sheridan’s best television show to date, Garrett gives life to Thomas: a storied Pinkerton Agent and Buffalo Soldier veteran who steals every scene he’s in. He’s been through hell and back, as we learn, and made one hell of a friend along the way, Sam Elliott‘s Shea Brennan.

Sadly (and beware of major 1883 spoilers ahead), Shea brings about his own end in the series’ finale. With Brennan’s story complete, could we be seeing the return of his equally-stirring counterpart, Thomas?

Per LaMonica Garrett, all signs point to yes.

Taking a Look at Taylor Sheridan’s Current ‘Yellowstone’ Projects

By heading back to Cowboy Camp, Garrett could only be working on one of four of Sheridan’s Yellowstone projects. Those are 1923, 6666, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, and Yellowstone proper.

Of these four, 6666 both hasn’t begun filming and is set in the present day. So that rules this project out. Not to mention it takes place in Texas, and 1883‘s end saw Garrett’s Thomas settle down on the other side of the continent with the ever-lovely Noemi (Gratiela Brancusi).

1923 is currently filming, however, and is another period piece, as the title implies. But the odds of Thomas living another 40-years in his time are tragically low. So we can probably rule that one out, too.

That leaves only two possibilities: Yellowstone and 1883: The Bass Reeves Story.

Is LaMonica Garrett Returning to His Beloved ‘1883’ Character?

Of the options, both shows are plausible. Garrett could feature in a flashback for Yellowstone Season 5, as did co-stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for Season 4. But with filming well underway for Season 5, it’s unlikely that Garrett would just now be saddling up for Cowboy Camp. Not to mention doing so for what would amount to a cameo that could easily be filmed without a month’s worth of equine training.

This brings us back to The Bass Reeves Story. Not only is this project a direct sequel to 1883, setting it in the same time period, but it’s set to feature the fascinating history of Bass Reeves – a real-life counterpart to Garrett’s Thomas.

Famous for working the Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory, Reeves would bring more than 3,000 dangerous criminals, outlaws, and murderers to justice (including his own son) in the court of law. The lawman was, in a word, surreal.

Yet herein lies another catch. At the end of 1883, Thomas, Noemi, and her two sons end up in Oregon, settling in Williamette Valley. That is a long, long way from Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Could Thomas be pulled back to the Texarkana area in order to make a living? Or for any reason at all? Through Taylor Sheridan’s gripping writing, anything is possible. And if this is the case, then we’re set to see one hell of a meeting of minds if LaMonica Garrett returns to play Thomas come 1883: The Bass Reeves Story.