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‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett Says Thomas Is the ‘Humanity’ and ‘Soul of the Show’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for for Paramount+)

The story of 1883 is one of survival and perseverance. Perhaps no other character represents that more than LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas.

He is soft-spoken. But he has a lot of wisdom. His life has led him to the current situation he is in. The former Buffalo Soldier seems to have a real passion for helping others. Perhaps it is the only thing he knows how to do. Side by side with Shea Brennan, Thomas is a character with a lot of depth.

LaMonica Garrett knows how special his character is. During a video, posted to the official 1883 Twitter account, the actor talked about his character and the role that he plays in the show.

“The significance of Thomas in this story,” Garrett started out. “To me, he’s the humanity of the show, he’s the soul of the show. It’s a story I’m very proud to be a part [of], telling a story about Black cowboys. There’s a lot of people that haven’t been represented in other westerns so it’ll be something for everyone.”

Whenever the darker urges and feelings of Shea Brennan start to boil over, Thomas has been there to calm him. Even when Thomas is right with him, gun drawn, he is a calming force more than anything else. Calling him the humanity of the show is accurate. I have a feeling that 1883 fans are going to get to know more about the depth of Thomas’ heart and empathy for others.

Of course, Garrett also loves the historical significance that his role carries. He takes great pride in his work on the show.

‘1883’ Star Garrett Says Thomas and Shea Are ‘1800s Odd Couple’

The relationship that Shea and Thomas have together has been strong early on in the show. At the moment the Pinkerton agents are slowly realizing what they have gotten themselves into. These immigrants have been proving to be more trouble than they could imagine. From stealing to not knowing how to swim, and more.

However, every time Shea has to make a point or gain control, Thomas is right there by his side. Sometimes, it is almost as though Shea’s outbursts also release pressure for Shea. LaMonica Garrett says that the two make quite a couple.

“Thomas’ story is not unfamiliar to a lot of Black cowboys back then,” the actor explained. “He’s a former slave. He’s a kind person, an honest person, and he’s a very loyal person. When he met Shea, he joined the war, was a Buffalo Soldier. They see the world pretty similar so they bonded. Like a modern-day… or an 1800s Odd Couple.”

This season of 1883 is likely going to build off of the chemistry the two have established already. They are going to have to rely on one another in order to survive and do their jobs the best that they can.