‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Went ‘Full-On’ Entering ‘Tough and Demanding’ Cowboy Culture

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

1883 star LaMonica Garrett talked with Outsider as part of a roundtable in Las Vegas on December 12, talking all things about the show. That includes the grueling cowboy culture.

When asked about the physical challenge his role demands, he smiled and talked about how he learned that sunup to sundown lifestyle. The star-studded cast lived that lifestyle and had to adapt to it. In the process, Garrett and his castmates learned more than a few lessons.

“It’s tough. Physically, like, the cowboy culture, I had no idea how demanding it was physically,” he admitted. “From sunup to sundown it’s outside every day and that’s its own challenge. Hot, cold, whatever climate you’re in.”

Coming from LaMonica Garrett, that’s saying a lot. This is a guy who almost had an NFL career and then played in the insane sport of Slamball. So, when the 1883 actor says the physicality was demanding, it was demanding.

LaMonica Garrett Talks About Working with Horses

Working with horses and large livestock can be and is hard work. Very hard work. My small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats is enough for me. However, Garrett and the rest of the 1883 cast quickly learned this lesson with much larger and feistier animals. Horses will tell you when they want to work and when they don’t.

“You’re on horses and sometimes your horse doesn’t want to cooperate today. They have their own personalities and that can make things tough. It’s a hard lifestyle but… shooting westerns in itself is a challenge… but as hard as it is over here it’s as beautiful when it comes to the screen because outside, nature… nature was the leading character in this show. The mountain tops, the rivers, and the cast fills along to round it out. But it is tough.”

The 1883 star seems to have grown an appreciation for the entire process. Taylor Sheridan goes to extra lengths to bring a sense of reality to his shows. That means practical effects and acting. No shortcuts are taken when he is behind a project.

‘1883’ Gets Closer By the Day and Garrett Warns ‘Storms Coming’

The premiere of 1883 is so close that we can almost taste it. For fans of Yellowstone, this is going to be a huge weekend. LaMonica Garrett has been getting ready for the day. The cast of the show is unlike any other we have seen before. That realism that made the flagship show so successful is on full display in the latest photo that Garrett shared on Instagram.

A small canvas-covered wagon in front of some ominous clouds. It looks like something you might see out of a history book or an early Western. The colors are vibrant, but something about the photo also conjures up anxiety and anticipation for something coming.

1883. This Sunday. December 19th. “Storms coming,” LaMonica’s post caption says. We can’t wait to see that storm!