‘1883’: The Last Time Sam Elliott and Billy Bob Thornton Appeared in Same Project Was in the Classic ‘Tombstone’

by Joe Rutland

We’re digging “1883” bringing Billy Bob Thornton on board. Now, where have we seen co-stars Sam Elliott and Thornton together before?

Need a minute, Outsiders? Well, we don’t have a minute so here goes. The last time both actors appeared together was in “Tombstone.”

In the classic 1993 movie, Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer had starring roles. Elliott played Virgil Earp, one of the brothers of Wyatt Earp (Russell). Thornton played Johnny Tyler.

Elliott will play Shea Brennan, a guide who will lead James and Margaret Dutton (played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) across the plains and into the American West frontier. That’s one plot line for “1883.”

‘1883’ Brings Thornton In Cast As Marshal For Prequel Series

Ah, who will Thornton be in the Paramount+ series? He’s going to play Marshal Jim Courtright. Now Courtright meets up with the Duttons out on the land.

Right now, Thornton’s role will be as a guest star. Could he become a regular on “1883”? Anything is possible when show creator Taylor Sheridan has the pencil in his hand. But he’ll start off as a guest star. It sure will be a sight to see when Elliott and Thornton share a screen again.

Thornton picked up an Oscar for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for his 1996 film, Sling Blade. He also was nominated for his on-screen work acting but did not win.

But he also received another Oscar nomination for his acting in “A Simple Plan.”

Will Elliott and Thornton cross paths in their characters? That’s a possibility. Viewers who love “Yellowstone” will want to tune in for “1883.” this fall.

Fans of ‘Yellowstone’ Express Joy Over Actor Joining TV Show

Now, will “Yellowstone” fans be watching “1883”? Probably so. There’s a lot of good mojo among them when it comes to anything having to do with the show’s characters.

There is a thread between “Yellowstone” and the prequel.

“Yellowstone” fans went to Reddit and talked about Thornton joining the cast.

“Billy Bob Thornton is a versatile actor. I’ve never seen him play in anything where he wasn’t 100 percent believable in the character he’s playing, and have always enjoyed and appreciated his performances,” user DaBetterILkmyDawg shared.

“This is a big one for me. Huge fan of him. ‘Goliath’ is a great show with him as well,” DietFoods posted in another Reddit thread.

Redditor iheartsev wrote, “His part is described as a ‘guest star role’ rather than a series regular. Here’s the definition of ‘guest star role.’ Guest stars are actors who appear in one episode (sometimes more) whose characters are often in multiple scenes and play a significant role in the story. If the role is particularly meaningful, a show may cast a well-known actor as a guest star.”