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‘1883’ Stars Marc Rissmann and Amanda Jaros Explain Immigrants’ Path To the American West

by Megan Molseed
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

When 1883 premiered on Paramount + late last year, fans were drawn to it almost immediately. With its awe-inspiring settings, unforgettable characters, wildly intriguing (and historically accurate) storylines, the Yellowstone spin-off series no doubt took on the airwaves by storm. Among the actors playing some of these characters in the 1883 cast are Amanda Jaros and Marc Rissmann. In 1883, both Jaros and Rissmann portray characters who are venturing west as immigrants searching for their home amongst 1883’s western landscape. Recently, both actors described what they knew about this arduous journey in an 1883 Instagram post.

‘1883’s’ American Dream Brings With It Ugliness Along With the Beauty

In a recent Instagram post, 1883 stars Marc Rissmann and Amanda Jaros describe the journey immigrants faced as they forged their paths west in the great westward expansion of the 1800s.

“It’s the American dream,” writes the post on a recent 1883 Instagram post. “with all its beauty and ugliness.”

“Sometimes you need different surroundings,” says Rissmann in the three-minute-long video clip.

“A change in location to redefine yourself as a human being,” the 1883 star continues. Rissmann also notes that the timing of the westward expansion seen in the 1800s timed well with growing frustrations in Europe.

“Historically there was a lot of frustration in Europe,” Rissmann explains. “If you wanted to own land.”

“In the 1800s there’s a large flight of immigrants to America,” 1883 star Amanda Jaros agrees.

“Because there’s overpopulation,” the actress adds. “And there was a high rate of unemployment.”

‘1883’ Stars Marc Rissman and Amanda Jaros Discuss the Struggles Immigrants Faced In Journey to Reinvent Themselves

The 1883 stars go on to note that many of the people traveling west during the period in which the series is set were the Europeans seeking to reinvent themselves and build a more prosperous life.

“There was a German immigrant who wrote letters about how beautiful Texas is,” Rissmann says in the Instagram clip. Rissmann also notes that these descriptive letters were printed in a German newspaper. Furthermore, the actor says, resulted in many Germans feeling inspired to find their piece of beautiful land in America.

“People dreamed of change,” Rissman continues. “And, being free.”

However, this journey was not an easy one, Jaros notes. And, many of these travelers brought very little with them during their arduous journeys. Making the already difficult path, seeking a place to settle all the more difficult.

“How do you survive with so little?” Jaros asks in the video clip.

“The notion of people going west that most have is inaccurate,” adds 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan.

“Most people who went west saw ads in papers in Poland, Croatia, and Germany and answered those ads,” the showrunner continues. The showrunner goes on to note that America truly gave immigrants ample opportunities.

“America was unique in the fact that wherever you were that you failed you could simply move west to reinvent yourself,” Sheridan explains.