‘1883’: Meet the Actor Behind ‘Sam,’ Who Also Appeared on ‘Yellowstone’

by Shelby Scott
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Since its December debut, the “Yellowstone” prequel “1883” has seen a pretty regular cast. For the most part, fans follow the Dutton family, Captain Shea Brennan, and Brennan’s friend and partner, Thomas. However, the most recent episodes saw the addition of a new forerunning character, a Native American named Sam.

And if Sam looks familiar to you, it’s because the long-haired Native also appeared on Taylor Sheridan’s original series. Now, we have an opportunity for Outsiders to learn more about “1883” and former “Yellowstone” star, Martin Sensmeier.

“1883’s” latest Instagram post puts a spotlight on Sensmeier and his thoughts regarding his character. He shared with viewers a little bit about the Comanche Native’s goals and values, as well as his onscreen relationship with Elsa.

“When I look at Sam, my character,” the “1883” actor said, “I’m not representing the Comanche people so much as I’m representing a Comanche character.”

In making this distinction, the actor enables Sam to demonstrate some of the authenticities surrounding the Native American tribe while also informing the character with a fictional, though admirable, set of goals, passions, and personality traits.

Fans Hope to See More of Elsa and Sam

“I think the most important thing to Sam is his people, his land, and his culture,” Sensmeier continued. “He lives according to his traditions.”

As such, Sam and Elsa Dutton wind up going their separate ways in the latest episode of “1883.” However, fans of the Paramont+ series hope to see more of Sam in the future.

“Love those 2 together,” wrote one “1883” fan. Another shared hopes that “they do get to meet again when the flowers bloom.”

Meanwhile, another of the account’s followers shared their love for both Sam and his actor. “I completely fell in love with Sam!! What a wonderful character and actor!”

As to the reality of the characters’ relationship, fans had varying views on its authenticity. Nevertheless, the “1883” star highlighted, “Even though Sam’s in love with this woman and wants to marry her, they’re also committed to their journies,” highlighting the vast distance between these two characters’ cultures and values. Regardless, he stated, “These stories are beautiful because they make you reflect on your own life, your own journey.”

Who is ‘Sam’ Outside the Realm of ‘1883’?

According to Sensmeier’s IMDb profile, the “1883” star boasts genuine Native American heritage, originally from the Alaskan Native Tribes, Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan. As per the outlet, the Sam actor was raised in a Tlingit fishing village in Yakutat, Alaska. Boasting just about 600 people, the village is accessible by plane, but has no connecting road.

As for the actor’s role on “Yellowstone,” fans might remember Martin played a character boasting his own name during season two. After Monica suffers major head trauma that forces her to relearn how to walk, she begins physical therapy, where she meets Martin, her therapist. The two share some sparks during the actor’s brief time in the series, however, as we know, Monica winds up back with fan-favorite character, Kayce.