‘1883’ Nominated for 2022 Writers Guild TV Award

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for for Paramount+)

With the 2022 WGA TV Awards coming up, fans are only more excited to find out 1883 was nominated!

The cast of Taylor Sheridan’s prequel to Yellowstone, 1883, is in line to possibly walk away as one of the best episodic dramas of 2021. The series is competing against six other series.

The new Western series works with a talented cast of Tim McGraw, Sam Elliot, Isabell May, Faith Hill, and  LaMonica Garrett as they work to abandon Fort Worth, Texas, with a wagon train of German immigrants.

If you’re a fan of its sequel, you’re in luck! However, you’ll have to subscribe to yet another streaming service: Paramount+.

Announced Thursday, Only Murders in the Building, Hacks, Loki, and Yellowjackets are some of the top nominees for this year’s Writers Guild Awards. On Sunday, March 20, the winners will be honored at a joint 2021 ceremony.

The nominations from the Writers Guild of America West and the Writers Guild of America East include outstanding achievements in television, new media, news, radio/audio, and promotional writing. The WGA Awards announcement included the Golden Globes’ unique ceremony on Sunday. It also included the SAG Awards nominations on Wednesday.

Hulu’s mystery-comedy series, Only Murderers in the Building, started the WGA with three nominations. The nominations include comedy, new series, and comedy episodic. However, The Handmaid’s Tale, Loki, The Morning Show, Succession, The Simpsons, Yellowjackets, Bob’s Burgers, Hacks, and Reservation Dogs all earned two nominations.

Fans of Writers Guild Nominee, ‘1883,’ Compare the Show to Other Westerns

Although 1883 continues to gain viewers and recognition after its Writers Guild nomination, cowboys and cowgirls across the country begin to remember other western dramas they couldn’t get enough of. According to IMDb, Yellowstone, 1883, and Justified made the top three of their list. Other westerns close to the top of their list include Gunsmoke, Longmire, Deadwood, Little House on the Prairie, The Ranch, Godless, and Walker.

While IMDb gave us some pretty good suggestions, a thread on Reddit discussed a few other westerns worth giving a chance. Less than a week ago, one Reddit user Westerns started a thread. They ask “So glad that Y:1883 is getting the recognition it deserves, but do you agree that it’s the new prestige western series of our time?”

American television series, Deadwood, and Hell on Wheels appeared to be the topic of conversation for many. One user continued to feed the new topics of conversation:

Hell On Wheels was a classic, god I miss that show and Deadwood is just incredible!”

Another reader shared their thoughts. “I do like it but I would enjoy a bit of humor. Most prestige shows include a full range of emotions. Also, humor balances out the tension. Deadwood has a lot of humor. BB a prestige show had lots of humor. I do love the show but this is just the thoughts that would make it more enjoyable for me.”