‘1883’: One New Show Just Beat the Show’s Impressive Record on Paramount

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

A new Paramount+ series has broken the “1883” record for most-watched show during premiere. The new “Halo” series, loosely based on the video game franchise, has beaten “1883”‘s previous record. While the exact numbers are currently unknown, we do know that “1883” sat at a cool 4.9 million viewers within its first 24 hours. So, it’s very possible that “Halo” broke that 5 million mark.

While “1883” was an overnight success with an almost overnight production time–it was planned, cast, shot, and edited within about 7 months–the idea for “Halo” was in production limbo for years. It began with Microsoft making a pitch for a feature film in 2005, which was then scrapped a year later. With the film plan a failure, Microsoft looked to television; in 2013, Showtime and Steven Spielberg were involved in a potential series. It struggled for years until Paramount+ appeared on the scene. In that time, the “Halo” franchise grew to include a total of 16 games. 8 of those games follow the main storyline.

The TV series is loosely based on the game franchise, in that it follows the Master Chief, played by Pablo Schrieber, and the team of indestructible Spartan soldiers. During a 26th century intergalactic war, the Spartans fight mysterious alien enemies, known as the Covenant. This is the general concept of the games. Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has previously revealed that the series is a “non-canon standalone”; it’s not a direct adaptation of the games’ main storyline.

Taylor Sheridan is now gearing up for his continuation of “1883,” titled “1932.” This series will also follow a new generation of Duttons. Not much is known about the new installment; we’ll have to wait and see if “1932” can beat the new “Halo” record.

‘1883’ Costume Designer On ‘Most Important Goal’

“1883” really blew all of our minds when it came to its general design; whether it was set, character, or costume design. The official “1883” Instagram account recently posted a video that included a comment from costume designer Janie Bryant about how she viewed her work.

“My most important goal in creating costume design is to be authentic,” she said. “People across the trail can not be bogged down with so many items, which I love because I think that’s truly authentic for the period.”

Her goal was to pare down the costumes to their essentials, only including what people on the Oregon Trail would need on a daily basis. No frills or embellishments; just hard-working fabrics and functional cuts. Bryant also had experience in Western wear before “1883”; she won an Emmy for her work on “Deadwood” in 2004. She also worked on “Mad Men” from 2007 to 2015, so she clearly knows how to do period pieces. That kind of work involves a lot of research, and Janie Bryant did hers thoroughly.