‘1883’: Paramount Plus Executive on Potential Second Season: ‘Whole Taylor Sheridan Universe Coming’

by Jonathan Howard

Things over at Paramount Plus are exciting with 1883 and a variety of other options. Is a second season on the way?

During a conversation with Variety the president of original scripted series for Paramount Plus, Nicole Clemens, talked about a lot. From the streaming platform to individual shows, and of course, Taylor Sheridan and 1883. Already, the show has shown that it has the ability to attract audiences and could almost assuredly support another season, at least.

The executive talked about a potential second season. With the Duttons and the immigrant caravan moving slowly west, there will be a lot to do and a lot to tell. Stories can’t just all happen at once, not how 1883 and Sheridan lets episodes breathe. So, those finer details about James or Margaret or Elsa, Thomas, Shea, whoever… can hopefully, be told over the course of multiple seasons. Give fans something to look forward to.

When asked about a second season for the show, Clemens was a little coy with her answer. “There’s a whole Taylor Sheridan universe coming your way,” she said. Then, Tanya Giles, chief programming officer chimed in. “The journey west is a long one, there’s lots of stories to tell.” If you’re a fan of the show, that has to make you excited.

With all that Sheridan, the cast, crew, and ViacomCBS have put into the series, another season should be mandatory. Each episode costs about as much to make as an episode of Game of Thrones. This is high-budget, blockbuster television that we’re talking about. Not to mention the cast of the show.

So, 1883 doesn’t have the green light yet… at least officially. But there are so many characters and stories to tell. Like Noemi.

‘1883’ Star Gatiela Brancusi Shares Roma Heritage with Character Noemi

During an interview with Outsider, Noemi actress Gatiela Brancusi talked about her character, the background of Noemi, and her personal connection to the 1883 character. So, first off what is a “gypsy”? Well, that is more of an, at times, offensive term for Romani people. Also known as Roma. Although, some Roma prefer to be called “gypsy.”

“I am of Roma background on my dad’s side. I was raised in a big community, but not in the traditions,” the actress explained. “Luckily my dad still has friends who are very much still in traditional communities, so I could talk to many of them and sort of harvest from their brains.”

The role is a big one. “There’s not a lot of literature that speaks to the Roma experience,” she said. “Or not in a way that does justice, because it wasn’t written by people of Roma background.”

When Sheridan made 1883 he wanted to be as accurate as possible. It is great to see the show have someone of Roma background in a role like this. Noemi’s story has already begun to be one of the more interesting in the series.