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‘1883’ Premiere Episode Features ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Disney)

For the 1883 fans out there, another cross-over in the world of Taylor Sheridan happened with a Mayor of Kingston star appearing.

Yes, there was a member of the other new show from Sheridan’s creative collection to show up in the premiere episode of the Yellowstone prequel.

Who was this person? Outsiders, we get a little clarity about this in a post on Twitter.

Galacia played Guinivere, one of the women who watched a shootout happen in the streets.

On the Mayor of Kingstown, she plays Rebecca. Jeremy Renner stars in the drama.

She’s obviously quite busy being in the programs created by Sheridan. Might we see this type of cross-over with other stars from other shows?

We don’t know, Outsiders. But, hey, anything is possible, right?

You can catch 1883 over on Paramount+. The show’s premiere episode did run on the Paramount Network after Season 4, Episode 8, of Yellowstone.

For one month, Outsiders, you can sign up for Paramount+ for free.

‘1883’ Star Isabel May Describes Elsa Dutton As ‘A Beatufiul Person’

Let’s turn our attention now to one of the stars of 1883 in Isabel May.

May plays Elsa Dutton on the Yellowstone prequel. (Spoiler!) She has a powerful scene in the drama’s premiere episode.

But you can check that out at another time.

May recently sat down with Deadline recently for an interview.

So, the 1883 actress says that she considers this role one of her all-time favorite performances.

And, May says that her role is a character study in where an audience goes on a journey.

“That was the first firm that I thought of when I read this,” May says. “It is so rare for a young actor, actress, in particular, to have this opportunity. And it’s quite emotional to think about.”

Are there some qualities to Elsa that she’d like to share?

“She experiences the tragedy, and heartbreak, devastation, and love,” May says. “And has a full arc. There’s so much depth to her. And then, she also gets to become different people. You know, she’s not just one girl. She’s one type of girl that becomes a different type of girl that becomes a woman. And becomes a different type of woman.”

Also, 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan speaks about May’s character.

“There’s a real depth to her,” he says. “She’s very young and I liked that innocence. But not naïveté. She’s not blind to the world. Some people, there’s a certain goodness permeates from them and she has that.”

Mind you, this series is just getting up and running on Paramount+. There are two episodes from the show’s first season out already. More will be coming, so get ready to learn more about the Duttons.