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‘1883’ Returns for Episode 6 After Brief Hiatus: How to Watch

by Shelby Scott
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

When Paramount Plus last aired a brand new episode of the “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883,” Elsa Dutton had lost life’s sheer veil covering her soft brown eyes. Her curious innocence made every life experience look and feel like a wild and wonderful adventure. Sadly, however, her love for life and her curiosity surrounding the unknown was cut short as she watched Ennis, the young, grinning cowboy who’d stolen both Elsa’s heart and those of “1883” fans, tragically die at the hand of a bearded bandit.

Now, “1883” returns from a brief hiatus and we have all the details on how to watch.

“1883” snagged nationwide attention on the Paramount Network when it debuted on December 19th. Now, the Taylor Sheridan-produced series continues to see major success on the streaming platform. However, fans are going to have to commit to a Paramount Plus subscription if they want to continue following the Duttons’ travels across the American West. As per “1883’s” official Instagram account, episode six is available only on Paramount Plus.

Episode 6 of ‘1883’ Promises Turmoil for the Dutton Family

The fifth episode of “1883” marked a pivotal point in the Duttons’ journey across the American West. Up until this point, fans of the series could depend on Elsa and Ennis to lighten the mood during the most intense situations with their flirtatious trade-offs and growing young love.

However, as we saw Elsa shoot Ennis’s killer at point-blank range at the end of the last episode, the character’s arc is sure to take a turn for the merciless and melancholy.

“1883” gives us the slightest taste of that in the above preview as we hear Sam Elliott as Captain Shea Brennan say, “I know how ya feel. I’ve sat right where you’re sittin’, thinkin’ the same thing, thinkin’ ‘I don’t wanna live without them.'”

The remainder of the clip sees Elsa with tears streaming down her face, hands cradling a pistol in her lap. “Wherever we’re going,” Margaret Dutton sobs, “it’d better be paradise because it’s costing us a daughter.”

Ennis Actor Opens Up About His Character’s Death

If you thought watching Ennis die during episode five of “1883” was hard, imagine how it felt for the character’s actor, Eric Nelsen. Not to mention the cast and crew.

In speaking exclusively with Outsider, Nelsen shared, “It’s incredibly difficult [to act dead], actually.” He continued, “You’d think you’re just laying there with your eyes closed, but there is so much emotion happening.”

The “1883” star explained that as Elsa actress Isabel May sprawled across his chest crying and screaming during the scene, “it took every ounce for me not to lose it every single time we shot it.”

As if that weren’t difficult enough, the solemnity on set surely made things even worse.

“[T]here’s a heaviness on set at times like that,” Nelsen added, “and everybody feels it. I mean, camera operators are crying, directors are crying. So nobody there is feeling peachy.”