‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott is a Big Fan of Growing His Hair Out for Roles

by Megan Molseed

Over the years, actor Sam Elliott has become one of Hollywood’s most successful – and recognizable – actors. His one-of-a-kind “tough guy with a heart” persona has led the star into an onscreen iconic status.

With his signature deep, husky voice, Sam Elliott is often immediately recognized when he shows up on the screen. Of course, Sam Elliott’s famous mustache is a big part of this recognition, as well!

A Successsful Career On Screen

During his successful career, Elliott has portrayed cowboys, bikers, mysterious characters, brothers, and fathers.

From his most recent roles on the hit Netflix series, “The Ranch,” and the Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper hit “A Star Is Born,” to his classic roles such as “The Stranger” in “The Big Lebowski,” or Gar in “Mask,” Sam Elliott brings his signature and timeless style to pretty much any role.

While there is something extremely timeless about Elliott, a glance back at some of his past roles over the years shows that Sam Elliott has changed his look a few times over the years.

Sam Elliott Has Changed Things Up Over the Years

During a 2006 interview, Sam Elliott discussed how he has been inspired to change up his hairstyle depending on which of the many roles he has portrayed on screen.

When preparing for his role of the “Caretaker,” in the Nicholas Cage film, “Ghost Rider,” the actor had grown his hair long. Long enough that it sat just past his shoulders, the actor said.

However, not long after filming for the Nicholas Cage film ended, Elliott began preparing for another role. This time, Elliott would be starring in the film “Avenger.”

And, his “Ghost Rider” ‘do would soon be no more.

“I had grown very attached to this long hair,” Elliott said of his “Ghost Rider” ‘do.

However, noted the actor, Elliott knew he would have to do something about the long hair as he prepared for the role of Calvin Dexter on “Avenger.”

“In the book, this guy changes his look,” Elliott said of the “Avenger” character.

“He has half a dozen passports,” the actor continued. “But the director was adamant about cutting my hair and I ultimately opted to cut it.”

The Look Returns In “Yellowstone” Spin-Off

Most recently, the actor is bringing back one of his favorite looks, the timeless “Ghost Rider” hairstyle. this time, Sam Elliott will be sporting the look for his role on the “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883.”

Earlier this month, Nic Sheridan, the wife of “Yellowstone” and “1883” creator, Taylor Sheridan, shared a photo of herself with a long-haired Sam Elliott.

“Sunday’s with Sam #total #badass #cheers,” Sheridan wrote on the Insta post.

It has been over a decade since we’ve seen this long-haired look on the actor, and fans are liking it. Since the series has been filming for some time already, it’s a safe bet to assume that Elliott will be donning the look in the “Yellowstone” spin-off. The upcoming Paramount series also stars country-music super couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.