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‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Looks Cowboy Tough in New Photo From Set

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts Inc.)

With the Yellowstone’s highly anticipated prequel 1883 set to premiere next month, the series’ production team is showing off some snapshots of the upcoming series’ sets. 

In the latest Instagram post, the 1883 team shared a snap of Sam Elliot looking like a tough cowboy. “Sam Elliott. That’s it. That’s the post,” the caption reads. 

According to IMDb, 1883 allows the Dutton family as they journey west through the Great Plains. Elliot recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his role as Shea Brennan, who is described as a “steely” wagon master and Civil War veteran who notably suffers a great loss at the start of the series. “It haunts [Brennan] throughout, along with the responsibility of moving these emigrants north.”

The 1883 star also stated, “You can call this a spin-off or a prequel to Yellowstone or whatever you want. But for my money, it stands on its own.”

Starring alongside Elliott in 1883 is Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, Marc Rissmann, and Eric Nelsen. The series is set to premiere on Sunday, December 19th. 

Sam Elliott & His ‘1883’ Castmate Tim McGraw Spoke About Work Conditions While Working on the Series 

While continuing to chat with Entertainment Weekly, Sam Elliott and his 1883 castmate Tim McGraw spoke about the work conditions while on the show’s set, which was in Texas. “The first month was brutal,” Elliott explained. “It was 100 degrees and not easy.”

McGraw also stated that the 1883 set was both super dusty and hot. “There’s no way around it. At the same time, it’s like every kid’s fantasy to do something like this. To put your chaps on, your cowboy hat, and your gun holsters every day. Then you get on a horse and try to survive this journey.”

Tayler Sheridan, the creator of both Yellowstone and 1883 also chimed in about the upcoming series’ set. “I don’t build a world with visual effects. I go shoot these corners of the world that people haven’t seen.”

The 1883 creator also said the audience is so experienced these days because they have seen so much. “So to move the audience because more and more difficult. It’s incredibly expensive and very difficult.”

Sheridan then spoke about how he is seeking to “dispel” a few myths about the American West. “The Westerns, in their heyday, followed a very simplistic storyline: You’ve got the white hat or the black hat. The good guy and the bad guy. And a lot of it was justifying their positions.” 

Sheridan goes on to add that what he is trying to do is to paint a “true reflection” of a time and a place.