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‘1883’: Sam Elliott Remembers First ‘Crossing Paths’ With LaMonica Garrett on a ‘Gun Range’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

1883 stars Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett didn’t first cross paths on the set of the show. It turns out that they actually met on a gun range.

1883, of course, is the spin-off of Paramount Network’s hit show, Yellowstone. It goes without saying that of the main draws of the show is the fact that it features big-time stars. Not only do country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith hill play main characters, so does the one and only Sam Elliott. That’s right, folks — if you haven’t watched the new series yet, now is a perfect time. Elliott plays a troubled cowboy named Shea Brennan. With him, he has brought back his long hair, his iconic mustache, and his soothing, deep voice.

Meanwhile, 1883 also stars another man by the name of LaMonica Garrett. He portrays the character of Thomas. Thomas is a former buffalo soldier who serves as Shea Brennan’s right-hand man. Because the two work so closely together, you can probably imagine that Shea and Thomas share a special relationship.

Sam Elliott appeared on the latest episode of The Official Yellowstone Podcast. He said prior to working together on 1883, the two had never officially met. But they did cross paths once at a gun range.

“LaMonica and I, I knew LaMonica’s work but I had never met LaMonica before,” Elliott explained. “We first crossed paths on a gun range. You know, shooting guns, shooting live ammo, shooting blanks. I think it’s safe to say that LaMonica and I really hit it off. Like immediately.”

‘1883’ Star Makes Appearance on ‘The Official Yellowstone Podcast’

Sam Elliott’s character carries a tremendous burden in 1883. But thanks to LaMonica Garret’s Thomas, he doesn’t have to carry that weight alone. Elliott spoke about that shared responsibility and more in the most recent episode of The Official Yellowstone Podcast.

From the very first moment we see the two of them, it’s easy to see that the history between them is rich. Elliott discussed the working relationship he has with LaMonica Garrett and how they together were able to flesh out such a rich relationship.

“We’re still fleshing,” Elliott said. “You know? That’s the great thing is that we’re still fleshing. We’re gonna be at this until mid-January.”

If you thought their relationship ended when they left the set of 1883, you’d be wrong. Elliott said that he and Garrett are brothers.

“Today, we call each other brother and we love each other. We’ve brought something to that relationship within the show that makes it ultra special to me. They are brothers in arms.”

As a matter of fact, Elliott said his relationship with Garrett is perhaps what he’s most excited about.

“Having these two characters in the 1800s sharing the same tent, sharing this journey that they’re on, to me is a wonderful thing. I’m more excited about that maybe than anything.”