‘1883’: Sam Elliott Is Spitting Image of ‘Tombstone’ Role in Behind the Scenes Pic

by Joe Rutland

When you see this photo of “1883” star Sam Elliott, then you probably will feel like he’s channeling his role from the movie “Tombstone.”

Elliott, who will play the guide for James and Margaret Dutton in the “Yellowstone” prequel, played Virgil Earp in the 1993 movie. He starred opposite Kurt Russell (Wyatt Earp), Val Kilmer (Doc Holliday), and Bill Paxton (Morgan Earp) on the big screen.

Yet Elliott is focusing his attention these days on “Yellowstone” executive producer Taylor Sheridan’s new show. Take a look, though, at his look right now thanks to Big D Party Rentals’ Instagram account. You will have to click right and catch Elliott in the second picture.

Your jaws, Outsiders, will drop upon seeing Elliott’s look for “1883” this fall.

See? We weren’t kidding about Sam and his ‘do.

Well, we also aren’t kidding around when we talk about “1883” and his involvement in the show. You can watch it on Paramount+ this upcoming winter.

The prequel follows the Dutton family and its journey through the Great Plains out west. “Yellowstone” fans know that Kevin Costner plays John Dutton on that show. Country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will play James and Margeret in this spin-off.

Just in time for Christmas, the first episode of “1883” airs on Sunday, Dec. 19. So Outsiders, make plans for some egg nog and turn on those tree lights, too.

‘1883’ Star Elliott Has A Penchant For Growing His Hair Out For Roles

Like we were telling you, Outsiders, Sam Elliott has a different look for his “1883” character. We all know that Elliott, who is married to actress Katharine Ross, keeps his hair pretty neat and tidy.

That’s when he is not working on a new movie or TV series.

Elliott talked about his hairstyle choices during a 2006 interview.

For instance, his role in the Nicolas Cage film “Ghost Rider” called for him to grow his hair out.

He then turned toward his starring role in “Avenger.” That movie called for a different look.

“I had grown very attached to this long hair,” Elliott said.

We know that he did but Elliott took on his role in “Avenger” with aplomb as that hair was cut down.

“In the book, this guy changes his look,” he said of Calvin Deeter, the name of his “Avenger” character.

“He has half a dozen passports,” Elliott said. “But the director was adamant about cutting my hair and I ultimately opted to cut it.”

The veteran actor has learned over the years to adjust where necessary in order to fulfill a role’s character traits. But he also knows that the long hair can return.