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‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Describes the Three ‘Classic Struggles’ in Westerns

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas

Hollywood legend Sam Elliott is one of the main draws in the Yellowstone spin-off 1883. He recently described the struggles that take place in classic Westerns.

That’s right, folks! If you haven’t seen the first three episodes of 1883 yet, you are missing out. Sam Elliott stars in the new show and he has brought back with him his long hair, mustache, and iconic deep voice. Elliott, of course, is without a doubt one of the most popular names in the film and TV industry. Most people know him thanks to his roles in The Big Lebowski and The Ranch.

Nowadays, though, Sam Elliott is one of the many stars in Taylor Sheridan’s 1883. He stars alongside other big names like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and LaMonica Garrett. The show takes a look back at the Dutton family before they gained control of Yellowstone Ranch — the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.

Trust us when we say that creator Taylor Sheridan is doing everything in his power to make this show as unique and authentic as possible. And if you don’t trust us, just take Sam Elliott’s word for it. He sat down for an interview recently where he explained the struggles that Westerns go through. The 1883 Twitter page posted the video to their page. Check it out down below:

“There’s three classic struggles in these Westerns,” Elliott says in the video. “It’s man against man, man against himself, and man against the environment.”

As you can probably imagine, Elliott confirms to fans that 1883 will have all of those struggles and more. There are only three episodes out right now, but there will be plenty more to come.

“And those struggles are all in this in spades,” he said.

“So much work has gone into building the world of 1883. The cast and crew break it all down.”

Fans Are Loving ‘1883’ So Far

Taylor Sheridan tried to tell us, he really did. He said that 1883 was going to be “epic” and “huge” and so far, he has been right. Fans of the show have been loving every second of the first three episodes, and they can’t wait for a new one to come out.

“I was so mad at y’all for not releasing a new ep last Sunday I watched the first 3 again #1883TV,” one fan commented.

“From what I’ve already watched, this is simply brilliant and completely addictive,” another fan said. “All I can say is: More, please!!”

“I like this show better than Yellowstone,” a third person admitted. “1883 is magic.”

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