‘1883’: See What Sam Elliott Looked Like in High School with Unearthed Newspaper Clipping

by Evan Reier

When you picture 1883 star Sam Elliott, you’re mind goes to a couple key details: salt and pepper hair and mustache.

It’s an iconic look that the unmistakable actor has become known for over the past few decades. That, plus an iconic and gravelly voice, has made him a fan-favorite amongst TV and movie lovers.

Now, the acting legend is taking on a new role in 1883, the Yellowstone spin-off that focuses on how the Dutton family got to Montana. But before Shea Brennan or his work in The Big Lebowski and other films, he was just a kid. And while we’d love for the cinema cowboy to have that incredible mustache in his early days, an unearthed newspaper clipping shows us that wasn’t the case.

The two things that are still apparent with the young photo of Sam Elliott is that he always had that jawline and he’s always had those distinct eyebrows. It seems like he hasn’t aged in 40 years, but it’s fun to see what the 1883 star looks like before he hit the screen.

According to the article, Elliott was already shining due to his talent in high school. Elliott is praised for his singing and acting ability in the article. We’re not surprised by the latter, but we wish we had more evidence for the former.

Considering that Elliott was in A Star is Born, we would’ve loved for him to get a chance to sing. Who knows, maybe he gets a chance to sing under the stars on the trip from Texas to Montana in 1883.

‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Opened Up on Working with His Wife Katherine Ross

When it comes to Hollywood couples, Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross are near the top. The pair have been married since 1984, and both have had successful careers.

While their careers have rarely overlapped, they made sure it happen in 2016. Starring in a film titled The Ranch, the pair played off each other. For Elliott, it was exactly what he wanted.

“Katharine plays [my character’s] ex-wife,” the “1883” star said. “Something else that was great about this was seeing Katharine work again.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, Ross was a premier female lead in many films. However, as Elliott has mentioned, she was seemingly iced out from work in the decades since. However, The Ranch gave her another film, and the two of them a chance to work together.

“I think we just like making movies and having that creative experience together is the best,” Elliott said. “It’s just fun. It’s a whole different kind of energy to go home with some you’re working with rather than go home to somebody who isn’t working. (And) It’s a totally positive experience.”