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‘1883’ Set Decorator Takes Fans Behind-the-Scenes of the White Elephant Saloon

by Matthew Memrick
(Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios)

“1883” and “Yellowstone” set decorator Carla Curry took fans on a behind-the-scenes look of the White Elephant Saloon recently.

Curry, who’s worked on 43 TV and movie productions, also designed sets for 20 “Yellowstone” episodes. 

She’s shown her talent in movies like “All the Pretty Horses,” “Walk The Line,” “The Alamo,” and even “Office Space.”

The New Mexico native talked about bringing in her own props. She basically brought in lighting fixtures, furniture, and taxidermy to the show in the Twitter clip.

Curry’s worked as a set designer for 37 years, according to the Double D Ranch clothing website. The “1883” set designer grew up in Hobbs, the same hometown as “Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker on the show. Curry said, “We both still have family there and always have to catch up on the Hobbs scene when we see each other on set.”

The “1883” set designer is proud of the show’s White Elephant Saloon look, saying that “I think it turned out quite nicely on this one.”

Curry Out To Make ‘Yellowstone’ Ranch’ Heart Of Show’

In Season 3 of “Yellowstone,” Curry opened up about her team’s plan. They worked to “focus on the details to make #YellowstoneTV feel as real as possible.”

In an Instagram post, Curry called the show’s set “definitely not your average TV set.” Neither is the “1883” set.

The woman and her husband are also longtime ranchers for the past 21 years. She related very well with show creator Taylor Sheridan. With him, she was determined to bring out the ranch’s “soul” for the show.

“We really gave the feel of the show based on the lodge we found the first season,” Curry said. 

She’s worked to make the 1914-built historic lodge “feel like, in the Dutton world, that it had its place for generations in this family.”

In her interview with the Double D Ranch, Curry said, “it’s nice to be able to talk to (Sheridan), and understand what he wants because it’s a lot of the same things we do on our ranch. “

Chief Joseph Ranch Like A Part Of The Family

Curry said the “Yellowstone” ranch’s logs and antiques are real. She admits “there’s not fake anything in here.” The woman said they “shoot it totally like a big ol’ feature film.” Really, there may not have been much for Curry and her team to do to the historic site.

Curry said that, for the Duttons, the home “has become almost its own character.”

She wanted to make sure the house gave “a (feeling) of comfort” for the Duttons and that they “could go (there) to feel the family.”

However, just as important was giving the “Yellowstone” ranch “a feel of comfort” for the Duttons, Curry says. 

Of this, Curry feels that Chief Joseph Ranch is undeniably the “heart of the show.”