‘1883’ Set Photos Surface Showing Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott in Character for ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

by Leanne Stahulak

Ready to see your favorite “1883” stars in action, Outsiders? We’ve got a glimpse of Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott in character for the new “Yellowstone” spin-off series.

Filming for the prequel show is well underway near Fort Worth, Texas. Several “Yellowstone” fans in the area have spotted some interesting things around town, including a Jeff Bridges appearance. But now, one Reddit user managed to snap a shot of both McGraw and Elliott in what appears to be full costume for their characters.

You can see the photos for yourself on Reddit here. But essentially, McGraw rocks an old-fashioned cowboy hat, vest, jacket, and shiny revolvers at his waist. Elliott’s a little farther away in a separate pic, but we can still make out the tall cowboy hat, vest and jacket, and some kind of scarf hanging around his neck. Elliott also seemed to grow out his mustache for “1883,” which is now a full-on bushy handlebar.

In the show, McGraw plays James Dutton, the great-grandfather of present-day John Dutton (Kevin Costner). He and his wife, Margaret (Faith Hill) are looking to move West to find fortune and escape their past. Elliott’s character Shea Brennan joins them in crossing the Great Plains, a trip that apparently starts in Texas.

‘1883’ Producer Talks Taylor Sheridan’s Detailed Story Conception

We have no doubt that the outfits McGraw and Elliott are wearing are as historically accurate as they can get. After all, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan likes to pay attention to these details, especially for a historical show like “1883.”

Recently, executive producer David Glasser spoke to Deadline about Sheridan’s attentive process for creating this intricate world.

“When Taylor creates, in his mind he can take you down a rabbit hole with 15 layers deep on the lineage of a story, something I’ve never seen another creator do,” Glasser told Deadline. “Ask him a question about a character, he’ll take you back 10 or 30 years. That’s what happened here with ‘1883’.”

Glasser went on to explain how the premise for “1883” is as exciting as the original series’.

“[Taylor] created this show about this amazing family, and now it just seemed natural and organic to start with the Duttons as they made their journey across America,” Glasser said. “What’s beautiful about the story is, it’s a time we’ve forgotten, what a family would do to find a place to settle, and the risks and trials and tribulations of what people went through.”

He continued, “These are real struggles, about people dying along the way, in search of a better future for their families. The core of the story is always family. And you see the innocent perspective of the daughter Elsa, and through Faith’s eyes, and through the eyes of the father, played by Tim, and this incredible character Shea, played by Sam Elliott. He’s seen it all and might be on his last journey. There is something that happens that explains each character’s reason for leaving to build a new life. The world Taylor has created is magic.”