‘1883’ Star Anna Fiamora Reveals She Nearly Joined Ukrainian Military Forces in 2015

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There is more to 1883 star Anna Fiamora than you may realize. Back in 2015, the star of the Yellowstone spin-off nearly decided to join the Ukrainian military.

If you are a fan of 1883, then you know who Anna Fiamora is. She plays Risa in the Paramount Plus series — a young immigrant woman that joins a traveling camp to move west. Fiamora is currently 32 years old. If you didn’t know, she was originally born in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv.

With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, Fiamora took to Instagram to discuss the time she nearly joined the Ukrainian military.

“In 2015, when a war was spreading from the eastern border of Ukraine into the depth of its territory like metastatic cancer, I wanted to join Ukrainian military forces as a nurse,” Fiamora said. “I enrolled into a course of tactical medicine, but then dropped out a couple days later.”

However, the 1883 star says that it wasn’t the fear of death that suddenly changed her decision.

“I wasn’t scared of blood either. Although I will say… something breaks inside of you, deeply and irreparably, when you condition yourself to look at mutilated human bodies, torn into pieces by artillery shells. But what did scare me was the news that even as a medic I would still have to carry weapon and use it against other people if the situation called for it. I couldn’t imagine a life for myself, however long or short it may be, if I ever had to pull a trigger.”

Is ‘1883’ Star Anna Fiamora Thinking of Joining the Ukrainian Military Once Again?

According to Anna Fiamora, there is one part about war that’s the worst. It’s that most people who are caught in the midst of it don’t have a choice.

“Once it knocks on your door, the only choice you’re left with is between someone you love and a stranger holding a gun to their head,” she said.

With all of the recent events going on, she is once again having sleepless nights.

“I started this new year talking on the phone with my mom about the threat of a new military intervention on Ukraine. This time closer to my home. And once again I’m spending sleepless nights thinking about the cost of human life. And how easily it’s reduced to zero when violence takes over.”

We all know, of course, that 1883 is not about war. But Fiamora explained how it’s honest in showing how the world becomes black and white when life takes away your choices. She compared it to one of the scenes in the show.

“There was something truly scary for me in filming that scene. May we build a better world where our children will never have to ask themselves if they could kill to protect someone they love.”