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‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Has Hilariously ‘Been Using the Same Line’ Since the 19th Century

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)

The lovable cowboy we know as Ennis of “1883” was once just an awkward teen on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.” Though you may not recognize him as we see him today – a charismatic and dutiful cowboy riding out on the western frontier, Eric Nelsen once used the same lines he used on Elsa Dutton.

In a post on Twitter, the Paramount Network shared a hilarious meme of Nelson using “you purdy” on more than one occasion. If you’ll remember, the “1883” cowboy asks Elsa (Isabel May) if he can see her with her hat off. She asks him why and he tells her in case she’s too ‘purdy’ for him. She complies and he decides, “Yup. Too purdy for me!” This also happens to resemble a line he used once upon a time in his Nickelodeon days.

However, given how he found his way into all our hearts, we can forgive him for recycling the line.

Ennis quickly became a fan favorite of “1883” with his hilarious quips and his love for the youngest Dutton daughter. Star-crossed as they may be, we found ourselves rooting for their growing love throughout the first five episodes of Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” prequel.

The unruly, yet humorous cowboy quickly takes a liking to Elsa after she enlists to help herd cattle across Texas. As his love for her grows, the two exchange playful conversation and admiration for one another.

Eric Nelsen’s Experience on “1883” Set

It isn’t until episode five that we learn of Ennis’ untimely and tragic end. And while we don’t know Elsa’s fate moving forward, we know there’s nothing that can bring Ennis back.

And while Nelsen was disappointed to learn that his character would be killed off, he says coming onto the show was amazing. Nelsen describes his experience as something he loved, saying he initially “knew the show was going to be big because we were teed up for it because of Yellowstone, and Taylor Sheridan doesn’t touch anything that isn’t successful. So, we had an idea coming into it,” he adds. “But to see what it’s done, as far as ratings and viewership, and the fan reactions that I hear, it’s just been through the roof. I mean, truly. It’s been such a wild ride—and I’m so, so grateful every second of it.”

After attending Sheridan’s famous cowboy camp, the “1883” actor knew the show would be something special.

He says that, “Oftentimes, we’d wrap a day and look at each other and say, “How could it get any better than this?’” Nelsen continues. “This particular day was just another beautiful Texas sunset,” he says of a photo he snapped with Hebert during filming. “And we happened to have had a big scene right before that, where we were pushing cattle. And we’re out there working through this really, really tall grass that your horses can’t even see over it’s so tall.”