‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Talks the Major Turning Points of the Season

by Courtney Blackann

It seems as though once Ennis tragically died fighting a band of unruly cowboys in “1883,” his love Elsa moved on pretty quickly. Though she mourned her lost love, Ennis was in the past. And so was their love story. Yet actor Eric Nelsen is here to discuss the first season of Taylor Sheridan’s masterpiece and share what he believes were the pivotal turning points. And he explains why Ennis’ death set Elsa up for something greater.

Speaking on camera for “1883’s” official Instagram, Nelsen opens up about some huge plot twists and how they developed.

“The major turning points of the season are all seen through Elsa’s eyes and perspective. She is this innocent, but yet completely fearless young girl who is seemingly unfit for the trail. Quickly, she adapted and proved to be the entire force in our journey. Her love and romance with Ennis,” he says pointing to himself, “which ended up in unimaginable heartbreak – God rest Ennis’ soul – was the driving force in her innocence being forever wiped clean.”

Though Elsa’s innocence was lost following her romance with Ennis, this gave her the strength she needed to continue on, Nelsen explains. And it also would set her up to be mature enough for when her next love came.

“1883” Star Eric Nelsen Says Ending Left Him in Tears

“She took that heartbreak though, and she took it and made it her armor. She made it her power and her shield. Exactly what she needed to get through the rest of the journey. Then it led her to a different and more refined love, a love that changed her into the fierce warrior that she became. Ultimately, Elsa meets the same demise as Ennis. A victim, a casualty of the trail, God rest her soul. It was a two-part death that made me cry reading it, harder than I’ve ever cried in my entire life.”

And the “1883” actor isn’t the only one who cried his eyes out watching the finale of the drama series. The moment had fans stunned, heartbroken and emotionally drained following the young woman’s death.

While it’s unclear what new episodes of “1883” are to come, we know that Taylor Sheridan accomplished his goal of telling a “10-hour movie.” And now, it’s time to move on to a different era. At the same time Paramount announced they ordered more episodes of “1883,” they also announced another Dutton spinoff “1932.”

This next chapter will follow the Dutton family through a prohibition era. And Sheridan shared a bit about the project as well.

“With ‘Yellowstone,’ I had built out this backstory of where the Dutton family had come from,” he began.

“And with ‘1932,’ I chose that moment in time to peek back in because you’re seeing the children we’ve met in ‘1883’ now attempting to raise another generation of Dutton children.”