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‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Would ‘Like to Stay’ in the Taylor Sheridan Universe ‘Forever’

by Jonathan Howard
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The star-studded cast of 1883 has the usual favorites. However, Eric Nelsen quickly made himself a fan favorite through his portrayal of Ennis.

As the young, twangy cowboy, Nelsen brought Ennis to life on screen. He was a straggler. A true wanderer. Someone that had no home but the trail in front of him. Soon, the cowboy found himself falling in love with Elsa Dutton, the daughter of the Dutton family.

While James Dutton wasn’t so sure about letting Elsa get involved with a cowboy, he had no other option. The two were quick to get to know one another and through two episodes were trying to get themselves into all kinds of trouble. All while avoiding the eye of Margaret and James.

During his time on the show, Nelsen was quickly drawn to the lifestyle. He was excited to do the 1883 cowboy camp and learn the life of a western man of yesteryear. It was learning to ride, rope, drive wagons, and do so much more.

Now that his character has been killed off the show, fans and Nelsen himself are pretty sad. However, according to him, it is just how the story had to go. During an interview with Decider, he was asked about appearing on Yellowstone or 6666 in the future. He isn’t opposed.

“Honestly,” Nelsen said excitedly. “I’d like to stay in the Sheridan universe forever! You know, anything is possible. Now, I’m in y’all’s boat, just kind o waiting things out from here and seeing how things unfold. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time.”

While Nelsen isn’t sure where things are going to go from here, he has all of the 1883 fans cheering him on. It would be a shame if Nelsen didn’t get another shot in the Sheridan Universe.

‘1883’ Star Talks About Death Scene

No one wants their character to be killed off of their new hit show. Especially when you are having as much fun as the cast has on 1883. Eric Nelsen was not ready to go, but he understands what Sheridan’s vision for the project is. He talked about the scene and how hard it was with Outsider.

“It’s incredibly difficult [to act dead], actually,” the actor said. “You’d think you’re just laying there with your eyes closed, but there is so much emotion happening. It honestly took everything I had not to cry each take. I mean, I’m supposed to be laying there, passed away. So obviously I can’t be crying and feeling the emotions that Elsa’s giving, but when she’s screaming and holding onto me and laying on my chest and I’m thinking through what just happened, it took every ounce for me not to lose it every single time we shot it.”

So, 1883 moves on without Ennis. What is next for Elsa and the rest of the wagon train?