‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Explains How Show Made Her Feel ‘Powerful’ Being a Mom of Three

by Jonathan Howard

If you know 1883 star and country music icon Faith Hill at all, you know she’s a proud mom, just like her character Margaret Dutton. During the course of the Yellowstone origin series, both Hill and her husband Tim McGraw related a lot to the parents they played in the historical fiction. With three daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey – both Hill and McGraw have lots of real-life experiences to reflect on.

When it comes to the journey that James and Margaret Dutton went through, it might have been dramatized, but it was relatively accurate. Along with a huge group of European immigrants, the American pioneers traverse the dangers of the West.

During a conversation with Deadline, Faith Hill talked about that struggle on screen.

“Well, I think that if you were on the trail that we were, you had to be strong. We’re all on the same page, you could be from across the Atlantic, or live in any state on the East coast, but once you head out on that trail, we’re all on the same page. Man, woman, whatever, you have to work together to survive. It’s really about survival that’s kinda the most important thing.”

When it comes to why she wanted the role of Margaret, Hill just connected with the characters that Taylor Sheridan had created.

“For me I found it incredibly fascinating, to have written a character, Elsa’s character … to have a voice for such a young woman, to be honest, I’d never read something like that. And as a mom of three daughters in their 20s, it’s powerful. It’s almost like alpha female in a way, but women are strong, let’s make no mistake about that.”

Faith Hill is a strong woman, and she raised three more strong women. Just ask their dad.

Faith Hill Opens Up About Her Favorite Part About Being on Set

One thing that Sheridan did so well with 1883 was creating chemistry with the cast. Faith Hill and her fellow castmates went through a lot together. From cowboy camp where they each learned to rope and ride and do all the things that, well, cowboys do. Then, the real fun started.

Filming out in nature can be challenging, but it was necessary for the series. And, it was one of Hill’s favorite things about being on set.

“We were able to share stories of freezing together, burning up in the heat and the wind,” she explained. “Just laugh and enjoy each other’s company and have a little fun.”

When you can find some common ground with the folks you work with, then something special can happen. That’s what the season of 1883 showed. Faith Hill was connected with the rest of the cast and it made for an exciting story. Smile through the pain, rain, sleet, or snow.