‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Explains Why She Didn’t Rehearse With Tim McGraw

by Liz Holland

“1883” fans know and love the power couple that is Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The pair portray James and Margaret Dutton on the “Yellowstone” prequel. However, Hill revealed that she doesn’t rehearse with her husband. 

In an interview with CBS Mornings, the star explained why she and her husband took the approach that they did to the rehearsal process. She also shared how it helped keep their personal lives  separate. “I think that it was a benefit to us. We used it as a benefit, we’ve been married for 25 years,” she explained.

“The thing that we chose to do is we decided not to rehearse together, ever. Because we’re together all the time, we have three daughters, we’ve been married for 25 years. We thought, ‘Okay, the spontaneity is going to be created the moment that we set foot on set. Tim as James, and I’m Margaret, and that’s who we are, and that’s where we become them, on that set and not at home.” 

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Commit to Authenticity on ‘1883’

Considering how long the two stars have been happily married, they likely knew exactly what each other needed. Not rehearsing together certainly allows for an extra layer of authenticity. Practicing too much can sometimes make performances seem robotic or overly orchestrated. Sometimes, there’s no way to match the chemistry that comes with the first couple run-throughs of a scene. 

Hill and McGraw’s approach to their characters definitely aligns with the show creator, Taylor Sheridan’s vision. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tim McGraw explained how authenticity comes first for Sheridan. And what better way to do that than to approach your scenes with some mystery from your co-star?

“Taylor [Sheridan] is a stickler for authenticity,” McGraw explained. The show creator was even intensely precise with how his cast rode their horses. McGraw shared that Sheridan would coach him, down to the most minute details. For example, how a real cowboy would position his feet or hands. “[Sheridan] says, ‘I’m just trying to make you look good. Everybody rides a little differently, and it’s fine to ride a little differently, but there are a few things you need to be authentic to and true to.’” 

An Immersive Approach to Life in the 19th Century

McGraw seemed to embrace Sheridan’s immersive approach. The “1883” star opened up about the fact that he would usually get to set early to take some time to get into the head of James Dutton. Walking around set in costume before filming began for the day definitely shows that the cast of “1883” truly cares about giving an authentic performance. 

The commitment Hill and McGraw have not only to each other but to giving a good performance definitely shows on screen. In a chat with extraTV, Hill explained that their choice to not rehearse together is one she’s confident in. 

“We don’t study together, we don’t read lines together, we just bring it to the screen, to the set, and see what happens from there. [We just] let it unfold naturally and it’s been good.”