‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Gets Fans Amped Ahead of Sunday Premiere

by Jonathan Howard

We are just one day away from seeing the premiere of 1883, and Faith Hill has fans pumped up heading into the big night.

Here at Outsider, we love all things Yellowstone, and that includes the upcoming prequel spinoff. 1883 is packed with big names and should be a great expansion to the greater Yellowstone universe. With just a small little teaser, she riled folks up over on Twitter.

For those that don’t know, Taylor Sheridan had a lot of real covered wagons made for the show. He likes practical effects over CGI when possible. So, that has us wondering a couple of things about the gif that she shared. Check it out for yourself below.

So, the journey begins tomorrow! And fans are excited. Not just 1883 fans but fans of Faith Hill as well. While she has done some things here and there in the last 10 years, she hasn’t been in the spotlight like this in a long time. So, people are excited.

“I can’t wait to watch you shine in this,” a Faith Hill fan account said.

“Can’t wait to see it,” another fan tweeted.

Another called Hill, “The most talented lady ever.” We are inclined to agree, especially once this season of 1883 gets underway.

Faith Hill Wrangles Cattle, ‘For Real’

Like I said before, Taylor Sheridan is all about doing things the right way. No shortcuts. That means that the cast and crew don’t get to take shortcuts either. Hill and her castmates had to learn how to rope and ride, as they say. She even had to deal with cattle one-on-one.

Along with her real-life and TV husband, Tim McGraw, the two went through a “cowboy camp” in order to get ready for the show. Hill talked about what that entailed, including her work with some scary bovine.

“I do wrangle cattle and really enjoyed that. I’m not sure why, though, because it can be terrifying when they’re staring you in the face. To learn all of these things from the most incredible wranglers and stunt women while having the highest level of safety, it’s been fun. I kinda feel like a badass.”

1883 is just around the corner.

‘1883’ Cast Has Seen What Fans Are Waiting For

Already, the cast of 1883 has seen the first episode of the show a couple of times. Fans at home are going to have to wait another day and until after Yellowstone. However, when we do see the final product on the first episode, it is sure to be great.

LaMonica Garrett has talked about the show and the effect it had on him seeing it for the first time. We can’t wait to see the show that made Garrett have serious “waterworks.”