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‘1883’ Star Faith Hill on Show’s Filming Locations: ‘So Much Beauty to Take In’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

If you’ve seen ‘Yellowstone” or “1883,” then you already know the fantastic scenery is a character in and of itself. Filming with a backdrop of glorious mountain peaks or golden Texas fields, the actors also get a sense of how majestic these parts of the United States are. In a recent interview, Faith Hill shares just how in awe she is every time she takes in the settings.

On the Official Yellowstone Podcast, Faith Hill opened up to Jefferson White about her experience playing Margaret Dutton. The actress not only discussed her character, but she also revealed that some of the scenery was overpowering with beauty.

“The punishing elements have been unforgiving, to say the least. And we’ve seen some beautiful, beautiful parts of the country. You know, I mean Montana is extraordinary state in itself and the landscape is – there’s just so much to see…there’s so much beauty to take in,” Hill says.

She further adds,” I said to someone on set that my eyes and my brain can’t equate. I wish there was a way to register it – and film it what I’m seeing. Because photography and a phone just cannot capture…it’s just so beautiful. Same in Texas, I never ever thought I’d say about Texas, sorry Texans, but there’s so much beauty there as well…I literally went out into a field…I was in full costume and I just started cutting things, like for decoration, because it was so beautiful.”

Faith Hill Talks What Drew Her to “1883”

The elements aren’t the only beautiful thing about “1883.” The show is smartly portrayed by a phenomenal cast which includes Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, Lamonica Garrett, and Isabel May. The show’s writing is straight from the genius who is Taylor Sheridan. And on that, Faith Hill agrees. In fact, she says that his writing is what drew her to “1883” to begin with.

“The writing is one of the best things I’ve ever read, truthfully. Yeah, that was really it. It was the writing. The story of this family, the story for our daughter Elsa, who is played by Isabel May, this beautiful woman here, this young woman sitting next to me who I’ve adopted,” the actress jokes. She continues, “What an incredibly written journey for a family, but for a young woman in particular.”

And Hill brings her own unique qualities to the role of Margaret Dutton. She’s stoic, brave, and smart. She also loves and trusts her husband James and his vision for their future. The Dutton family bond in “1883” is just as strong as it is in “Yellowstone.” And offscreen, the actors also share a strong connection. Isabel May once shared that she looks up to Faith Hill.

“Really what I learned from Faith– I’ve learned quite a bit. But, one of the prominent things is that she is a kick a-s-s businesswoman. She handles herself so beautifully. There’s so much craziness that has occurred while we were filming–weather, obstacles in our path. And she just has such incredible composure. I hope only that I can take a little bit of that with me in my life,” May said.