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‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Opens Up About Differences Between Music Videos and Television

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

One of the best parts about 1883 is getting to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton. Did their music careers prepare them for these roles?

It is always going to be an interesting gamble when musicians or other performers make the jump to film and television. While McGraw has been in front of the camera before, it is a bit of a new and different experience for Hill. With all of the work the cast had to put into filming, it’s a new experience for everyone really.

During an interview ahead of the premiere of 1883 Faith Hill answered some questions about the show and her role. One of those questions had to do with her profession in music. Always one to put together a great music video, did that prepare her at all for the Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone prequel? Well, sorta, but not really.

“I guess just as a performer in general,” Hill said when asked. “But I don’t know that it [music videos] prepped me for anything like this, to be honest. You know, it’s just different. It’s a different medium, but some of it can… I guess coexist. This is entirely different. This is beautiful in the sense that I get to be someone completely different than myself. Which is fun.”

While 1883 has been a brand new experience, the cast has responded so well. Working in harsh conditions, heat and cold, wind and rain, all while wearing period clothing. Depending on how the rest of the season goes, this could be one of the most well-produced shows ever, inside and out.

Outside of being one of the stars of the show, Faith Hill has imparted some wisdom and lessons on her TV daughter.

Isabel May Says Has Learned From Faith Hill on ‘1883’ Set

Despite being a music star that has turned to television, Faith Hill has been able to have a profound effect on her costars. Namely, her daughter on the show, Isabel May. May plays Elsa Dutton, a curious and perhaps too-innocent teenager.

In that same interview, May talked about what she has learned from Hill and the impact that has had on her.

“Realy what I learned from Faith- I’ve learned quite a bit. But, one of the prominent things is that she is a kick a-s-s businesswoman,” May remarked. She handles herself so beautifully. There’s so much craziness that has occurred while we were filming- weather, obstacles in our path. And she just had such incredible composure. I hope only that I can take a little bit of that with me in my life.”

You can see that the two are very close. The 1883 stars have great chemistry on and off camera and that is going to make for a great series as the season continues.