‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Previews Scenes with Rita Wilson

by Thad Mitchell

Superstar singer and actress Rita Wilson will be an appearance on “1883” in an upcoming episode and Faith Hill is among the most excited.

Wilson’s appearance on “1883” follows a guest-starring appearance by her husband, Hollywood icon Tom Hanks. Country music star Faith Hill, who plays Margaret Dutton on the series, is also ecstatic to work with Wilson. The two share some on-screen time in a recent episode and Hill says it was a real treat. In her most recent social media post, Hill talks about working with Wilson and shares a sneak peek of one of their scenes together. She also teases a brand new episode that will be available to “1883” fans starting tomorrow (Sunday).

“Clearly, there was no fun had shooting these scenes!” Hill jokes in the social media post. “A pleasure to share the screen with Rita Wilson. New episode streams this Sunday.”

Of course, fans of the western series are super excited to see what Wilson brings to the episode. Several fans commented on Hill’s post, sharing their excitement for the next “1883” episode.

I love this show and it’s hard to watch knowing how difficult it was being a pioneer, the adventure but high danger and stakes!” a fan writes.

In the scene, Hill and Wilson’s characters look to be having a good time as they enjoy an adult beverage. They laugh and giggle at James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and proclamation that he needs to “study the river” and he leaves the ladies. Margaret Duttons has apparently had a little too much of the beverage as she vomits and falls over to Wilson’s character’s amusement. It’s a funny, light-hearted scene and the ladies pull it off nicely.

‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Talks About Landing Role in Hit Series

More than a few eyebrows were raised when it was revealed that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill would play “1883” lead roles. Hill had little acting experience before joining the series but you wouldn’t know it by her sensational performance. The country music superstar tandem has proven to be a great tandem on-screen. In a recent interview, Hill talks about how they prepared for their roles.

“One thing that we did decide right away before we began filming, we decided not to work lines together,” she says. “Not to work our scenes together. We wanted that process to wait and allow it to show up naturally on set. After being married for 25 years we just wanted…to be Margaret and James. That really has been the difference because touring and other things we’ve done in the past together, obviously there’s a lot of prep that goes into that together but this time we’ve chosen to do it separately until it’s actually happening.”

It is a decision that clearly paid off for “1883.”