‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Reveals Her Favorite Part About Being on Set

by Lauren Boisvert

Faith Hill recently gave fans a closer look at her experiences on the “1883” set with co-star LaMonica Garrett and co-star/husband Tim McGraw. Anyone who kept up with “1883” knows that McGraw played Hill’s on-screen husband as well, James Dutton, while LaMonica Garrett played Thomas, sidekick to Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan.

In a video on the Television Academy’s Instagram, the three stars shared their favorite memories of being on the show, what they were known for on set, and their favorite moments of filming together. For Faith Hill, her favorite aspect of being on set was the camaraderie.

“We were able to share stories of freezing together, burning up in the heat and the wind,” she said. “Just laugh and enjoy each other’s company and have a little fun.”

From all we’ve heard of the cast dynamics, being on “1883” sounds like being at summer camp, just with much harsher weather conditions. Members of the cast are always talking about how fun it was being on set, how they all got along, and how much of a challenge it really was to film. We envy them the friendships, but we don’t envy them the dust storms.

Faith Hill Talks Camaraderie On Set, Plus Tim McGraw Discusses Distancing Themselves For Roles

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier in the week, Tim McGraw spoke about how he and wife Faith Hill prepared for their roles. This included distancing themselves from their star-studded lives as country music sweethearts. They wanted to bring their chemistry as a married couple to their married characters, but there was also the trouble of separating their acting from their real lives.

“We realized coming into it as well, we had a pretty high bar to reach for people to not see Tim and Faith on screen,” Tim McGraw shared.  “You know because of our careers and being married for so long, it’s going to be hard for people to not just see Tim and Faith.”

He continued, “So in my mind that was one of the reasons I didn’t want to run lines together and work on scenes together. We didn’t want to bring us into […] I mean ‘us’ sorta metaphorically because of our relationship and chemistry and all those things. But we didn’t want to bring Tim and Faith into the scene. We wanted it to be James and Margaret all the time.”

“1883” was their first time acting together, and they were dedicated to telling an authentic story (which included a real-life slap to the face for Tim McGraw). Their married-life chemistry certainly helped in that regard; James and Margaret really seem to love each other because Tim and Faith really love each other, as well. It’s one of those things that seems so effortless, possibly because it was, for them.