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‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Reveals Why Folks Are ‘Drawn’ to Taylor Sheridan’s Westerns

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage)

We are giddy that a new season of “Yellowstone” is almost here, but we are also pumped for its spinoff “1883.”

A big reason for the “1883” hype is the unique casting choices made for key characters in the show. Country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are the headliners in an outstanding cast. They will play James and Margaret Dutton, the lead characters in the prequel series. “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, a master of the modern-day western theme, will head the project. It is safe to say that McGraw and Hill are very much looking forward to their new challenge. Filming for “1883” is ongoing with Fort Worth, Texas serving as the backdrop. The country music superstars are loving life in front of the camera. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Faith Hill says working with Sheridan was a big draw for her and her husband. She says Sheridan strives to bring a feel of authenticity to everything he does and that is appealing to actors. It is very much the same for “1883.”

“That’s why so many actors are drawn to Taylor’s writing because he is portraying the story in a way that was lived,” she says.

Hill also notes that appearing on camera in the middle of nowhere is much different than being on a lighted stage with thousands of people. The “1883” star says she also had to get comfortable with her surroundings when heeding the call of nature.

“You learn how to pick a tree, squat down, and do your business,” she says.

‘1883’ Puts Together a Star-Studded Cast of Actors

In addition to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, the “1883” cast is stacked. Western favorite Sam Elliott will star alongside the country stars in a lead role. Billy Bob Thornton will also make appearances on the show.

“1883” is the first spinoff series for “Yellowstone” and there could be even more on the way. The prequel, set in the titular year, will make its debut next month as the Christmas season harkens. Much like its counterpart, “1883” will tell the story of the Dutton Family. We will get to visit John Dutton’s ancestors and discover the origin of what we know today as the “Yellowstone” Ranch. We’ll meet James and Margaret Dutton and learn the story of how they came to settle in Montana. It is also likely we will learn the origins of one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States. It will certainly be interesting to “Yellowstone” fans to learn how the ranch got to where it is today. There is a solid chance we will learn how the Dutton Ranch has been under the protection of the Dutton family for well over a century.

We’ll get our first look at “1883” on December 19.