‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Says Cast Is Living the ‘Glory and Grit’ of the 19th Century

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

When it comes to 1883, everything is done to be as authentic as it possibly can be. Faith Hill knows what that means for the show.

When it comes to historical accuracy, the show pulled no stops. Taylor Sheridan and company have invested so much into the show and the accuracy behind it and that has reflected onto the cast. Faith Hill has felt the impact of the culture of the show.

While speaking on the Official Yellowstone Podcast Hill talked about what all goes into the show. The things that the cast and crew have to go through in order to make the show happen. They are truly living the culture of the show.

“We are living 1883 in all of its glory and grit… guts and everything…” Hill explained. “It’s the truth. It’s about [as] realistic as you can possibly get in 2021 going back to 1883. Taylor… he made it very clear to us that he wanted this to be as authentic as it possibly could be. It was going to be hard, hard work. Not afraid of that. My parents raised us to be hard workers, always. Tim as well. And Tim and I have been in the business for over 30 years?… And we’ve worked hard, really hard. This is another level.”

So far, through the first four episodes of the season, the historical accuracy has been on full display. From the wagons to the furniture and keepsakes that the immigrants have held onto, the clothing, and so much more.

The cast of 1883 has been impressed with all of the work that has gone into the show. Each cast member had to undergo cowboy camp in order to get ready for the show. They learned to rope and ride.

‘1883’ Cowboy Camp Big Moment for Cast

Not only did the cast of 1883 go through cowboy camp, but the entire training was also set up to bring them together. When it comes to getting the chemistry right on camera, an entire camp can’t be the worst idea. Folks learn how to ride horses, rope cattle, and more while they get to know one another personally.

Everyone from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett and even little Audie Rick went through the training. Garrett and Elliott were able to solidify their relationship before filming. Their characters, Thomas and Shea are very close in the show. The lead-up during the camp was important to get all of the little things right.

The thing about Taylor Sheridan is that he is going to get everything right. If he can use practical effects and stunts instead of CGI, that’s what he is going to do. So, each cast member in 1883 had to know riding horses and the culture of being a cowboy.