‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Says Filming Bathtub Scene With Husband Tim McGraw Was ‘Tough’

by Chris Haney

The 10-episode run of Season 1 of Paramount’s 1883 came to a close in late February, but that doesn’t mean fans of the Yellowstone spinoff aren’t still talking about one now-famous scene. Country music icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill portray James and Margaret Dutton on the hit 1883 series. The real-life husband and wife are working together for the first time as the descendants of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton – played by Hollywood legend Kevin Costner.

During a recent podcast interview on Just for Variety that came out Wednesday, Faith Hill opened up about working with Tim McGraw. Of course, the outlet made sure to ask about one steamy bathtub scene that every 1883 fan has been talking about since it aired. While speaking to the outlet, Hill admitted she felt a bit uncomfortable filming the bathtub scene.

She said the production crew did their best to make her feel at ease as she shaved her husband’s beard in the intimate scene. However, the country singer also shared it was “tough” for her. A lot tougher than it was for Tim McGraw who had no inhibitions over the scene.

“That was tough, although [the crew] made it comfortable. Taylor made it comfortable for us. Well, for me,” 1883 star Faith Hill recalled before sharing the contrast between herself and her unabashed husband.

“Tim was like, ‘Let’s do it. Yeah. Jump in. I’m ready to go. Don’t need to cover that up. Just let everybody see,'” she hilariously added of the bathtub scene with husband Tim McGraw.

Faith Hill Talks Acting Before Working with Husband Tim McGraw on ‘1883’

Previous to her casting on 1883, Faith Hill worked on a couple of movies but hasn’t worked nearly as much in Hollywood as her longtime partner Tim McGraw. Her husband has landed starring roles in Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, The Shack, and more. Hill earned supporting roles in 2004’s Stepford Wives and 2017’s Dixieland. Yet 1883 is her first starring role, and first working with Tim McGraw.

During the same Variety podcast interview, Faith Hill shared some of her early struggles when auditioning for roles. In fact, she recalled one of her earliest auditions in which she didn’t earn the role. But she received some encouraging advice that kept her acting dreams alive.

Two decades ago, Hill auditioned for director Anthony Minghella for 2003’s Cold Mountain. She read for the role of Sara, which would eventually go to actress Natalie Portman. Hill did her homework in preparation for the role, but the scenes she read at the audition were a dramatic leap compared to what she was used to.

“I read, I believe, the rape scene and another one. It was intense,” Hill said on the podcast. “I had been on a few readings, but nothing like that.”

“I worked my tail off to be prepared for that,” she added. “Because for me, personally, I thought I have got to prove myself… This is serious work. It is a craft that needs to be respected.”

As mentioned, Faith Hill would not get the part. Even though rejection is never fun, the director sent Hill a lengthy handwritten letter encouraging her to pursue acting further.

“He sent me the most incredible letter after the reading,” Hill revealed. “It was almost three pages long, handwritten.”

Director Anthony Minghella’s positive words may have played a part in the singer not giving up on her acting dreams. We may never know for sure, but that letter could be to thank for Faith Hill eventually joining Tim McGraw in Paramount’s hit series 1883.