‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Says She Wrangles Cattle ‘For Real’ on the Show

by Hannah Heser

As you all are aware, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are starring in the Yellowstone prequel series 1883. The stars had a lot to learn when they arrived on the set. Show creator Taylor Sheridan wants his shows as authentic as possible, and it shows in the final product.

Hill and McGraw both went through “cowboy camp” when they arrived on the set. The couple do have a background in western trades, but still had a lot to learn. McGraw had to touch up on his horsemanship and Hill had to learn how to drive a wagon.

She said, “I thought it might be fairly simple. No, it is not. It’s very dangerous, actually. But it’s one of the things I do best – maybe because I learned to drive with a stick shift?”

As expected, learning to wrangle cattle was more intense for Hill, she continued.

“I do wrangle cattle and really enjoyed that. I’m not sure why, though, because it can be terrifying when they’re staring you in the face. To learn all of these things from the most incredible wranglers and stunt women while having the highest level of safety, it’s been fun. I kinda feel like a bad a**.”

Summary of the New 1883 Yellowstone Prequel

The country power couple portray James and Margaret Dutton in the series. They are the patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton family and great-grandparents of the one and only, John Dutton.

Furthermore, Sheridan is the creator and director of 1883, which extends the Yellowstone universe. The story follows the Dutton’s as they travel through the Great Plains. Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) and his partner, Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) are also there to help on the journey to Montana.

The poetic narration is by Dutton’s daughter, Elsa, played by Isabel May. Elsa inspires the harsh drama that appears every so often.

Overall, McGraw and Hill admit that they face many challenges and fun moments on the show.

There’s a New General In Town.. Who Is It?

Wait a minute… did someone say there’s a new general on the show?? That’s right, Tom Hanks is stepping up to play this role and he’s got so much in store for all you “Yellowstone” fans!

One of the most important scenes is a flashback when John Dutton is seen getting comfort from Union General George Meade or in this case, Tom Hanks. They tell USA Today that it didn’t take much recruiting to convince the Oscar-winning actor to take on the role. He quickly said yes without hesitation.

“Tom, Rita and Faith have been friends for a really long time,” McGraw told USA Today. “We’ve tried to do some things together, but they never worked out, so when this position opened up, I called him up and said, ‘There’s this cool part… I hate to ask, but…’ and he said, ‘I’m in. Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.'”