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‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Shares Motherly Advice for Elsa Ahead of Episode 5 Release

by Jonathan Howard
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This weekend means another installment of 1883. Faith Hill‘s Margaret Dutton has quite a message for her daughter Elsa.

In the last episode, the wagon train had to cross the Brazos River. So, when Episode 5 picks back up, there will be some dealing with the aftermath of that traumatic event. As far as the story around our main characters goes, there was another big moment.

Elsa Dutton decided that she isn’t sure what the future holds. She isn’t quite sure what her place is… but she is a cowboy, as she confidently declared in the 1883 episode. After trading a bracelet for a pair of jeans, she has embraced her new identity as a pioneer. This short message from Margaret to Elsa was posted by Faith Hill on Twitter. Check out the post below.

“This trail is about as free as you’ll ever be,” the quote says. “And the only rules you need to follow are the ones in your heart.” If that isn’t the creed of a cowboy, I don’t know what is. That puts the life that Elsa and the rest of the Duttons have in store for themselves into a two-sentence bite.

Part of the reason why the journey in 1883 is happening, is so the immigrants, the Duttons, and even Shea and Thomas, can put their old lives behind them.

One of the developing relationships in 1883 has to be Margaret and Elsa. As Elsa becomes more independent, her mother will have to let her realize life lessons on her own. Her developing romance with Ennis is definitely interesting. As Elsa embraces her cowboy lifestyle, things are going to change. And fast.

‘1883’ Faith Hill Talks ‘Responsibility’ Cast Feels

Going into this series, Taylor Sheridan wanted to make it as accurate as possible. Historically speaking, it is as close as it can be for a fictional series on television. That passion for accuracy has gone down to the cast. Faith Hill talked with Jefferson White about the responsibility the cast feels when they bring these characters to life on screen.

“We do feel an enormous responsibility,” she said. “We all feel like… Whoof. You know what that feels like, right? We want it to be amazing. We want to bring these people to life the way that they’re written. Because they’re written so beautifully.”

So far, the series has set itself apart. The show does not rely on Yellowstone and has its own plot that moves forward along with the wagon train. Elsa is a character that is teetering on childhood and adulthood. Margaret and James are convincing as parents that only want the best for their family and children. The dedication that each member of the cast and crew has taken to put this final product out has been very evident.