‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Says She’s Such a ‘Fan’ of Mickey Guyton Ahead of Super Bowl Performance

by Courtney Blackann

Faith Hill is spending more time back in the 19th century right now rather than touring the country singing. However, the “1883” actress remembers a time not too long ago when she sang the national anthem in the Super Bowl. And upon hearing that country artist Mickey Guyton was selected as this year’s anthem singer, Hill shared her praises for the young artist.

During an appearance on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert,” Hill discussed her performance and how nerve-wracking it was. But the country star praised Mickey Guyton and said she’d do great.

“I am such a huge fan and supporter and she is going to slay it,” Hill said when Colbert asks if she has any advice for the singer.

Guyton shared her own excitement at the opportunity to open the most-watched sports game of the year.

 “I am shook, I am grateful, I am praise dancing … So excited to be singing the national anthem at #SBLVI on February 13th!” Guyton wrote in a Twitter post.

Country Star’s Embarrassing Moment

Hill went on in the interview describing her own big moment. She says she was so nervous that walking out to the podium, she forgot the lyrics.

“It’s one of those songs you know so well and you think I’ll never forget the lyrics. This happened to me before. It was at a playoff game many years prior. I was singing at a Dallas playoff game, the beginning of my career, and I was asked to sing the national anthem, playoff game,” she explained.

Hill goes on to hilariously say, “And I’m walking out to the center of the field with this very generous guard, this woman that was walking me out, and I say to her, and this is televised, ‘Would you happen to know just the first word of the National Anthem?'”

Super Bowl LVI will kick off February 13 in a matchup between the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Faith Hill Describes “1883” Character’s Plight

When Faith Hill took on the role of Margaret Dutton in “1883,” she didn’t know just how difficult the task would be. The characters are facing a struggle of their own. They’re leaving all they know and heading somewhere unknown. They battle tragedy, fatigue and long days. And Hill says the characters are at a disadvantage.

“The thing that is a reminder,” Hill began, “is when you have a family, you have a dream, and you take them someplace…you’ve never been,” it can be both exhilarating and terrifying. In “1883,” “You can’t just dial it up on the computer and say, ‘oh, we want to go there.’”

She also says that the characters are constantly testing their limits physically and mentally – and this forces them to survive.

“It pushes the limits of your character – of things that you think are impossible or that you would never be able to do or pull off or survive – you do. Because it is truly about your life,” Hill says.