‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Talks Becoming ‘Family’ with Cast of Series

by Jon D. B.
Pictured: Faith Hill as Margaret of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“We are all in this together and doing it at the same time,” 1883‘s Margaret Dutton, Faith Hill, tells the official Yellowstone Podcast of their grueling on-location experiences.

Yellowstone‘s own Jimmy, Jefferson White, does a stellar job of hosting the show’s official podcast. Their latest episode features on the wildly-successful prequel, 1883, bringing in Tim McGraw, Isabel May, and Faith Hill to talk all things ancestral Duttons. During, Hill draws common ground between White’s “familial” experience with the Yellowstone cast to her co-stars on 1883.

“The cast is amazing, and you know full-well that you become a family,” she tells White. “You work off of one another. You’re going through the exact same thing! It’s not like someone is shooting some glorious, glamorous shot in 1883 and the rest of us are not, she laughs. “We are all in this together and doing it at the same time.”

This leads to a truly (and fully) shared experience, Hill says, which is a rarity for actors. “There’s strength in numbers, for sure.”

And while she and Tim McGraw have been married for 25 years, their work as James and Margaret Dutton has brought them even closer – perhaps even to a point of shock. The two have been “together every single day for the last two or three years,” Hill laughs. Going from the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic straight into 1883, it seems, has put their marriage to the ultimate test. One they are, thankfully, passing with flying colors.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are Only James and Margaret Dutton On ‘1883’s Set, Not Any Time Outside Of It’

“When we had the opportunity to take on filming 1883, we had never done anything on-screen like this together,” Hill continues. “We couldn’t pass it up. The writing is just off the charts. It’s extraordinary. One of the best things either one of us has ever read. Honestly,” she offers of Taylor Sheridan’s script, which he wrote like a novel.

“So we made a commitment to each other. Because we do live together. We have three daughters; married for 25 years and all those things,” Hill laughs. As a result, the couple agreed to make filming 1883 an “experience we share together for the very first time.”

To do so, Faith Hill says she and Tim McGraw do not rehearse any of their scenes together. “We don’t read the lines together… What happens on set is the first time. He is James and I am Margaret,” she reveals. “So that’s when we’re James and Margaret is on set. Not any time outside of it. We don’t even discuss it! We just decided that was the best way to deal with it.”

Otherwise, Hill says, “it’s difficult when you’ve been with someone for so long, you know? We wanted to be as authentic as possible.”

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