‘1883’ Star Gratiela Brancusi Opens Up About Noemi’s Journey

by Lauren Boisvert

Gratiela Brancusi spoke recently about her “1883” character, Noemi, and her journey to the finale. Noemi fought so hard in her life, and she finally got her happy ending; living with Thomas and her children on their own plot of land. She went against her own culture to find happiness again, as Roma widows stay widows, according to Brancusi. Her relationship with Thomas gave us all little glimmers of hope and happiness in an otherwise bleak world.

What We Learned

  • Noemi had no community ties, but she created her own new family around Thomas and her children
  • She became much stronger on the trail, where she started out hopeless, lost, and vulnerable; her journey took her to a dark place but she came out of it more resilient than ever
  • Gratiela Brancusi admires the portrayal of a Roma woman without stereotypes or romanticization

Gratiela Brancusi Talks About Her ‘1883’ Character’s Personal Journey

Brancusi commented on Noemi’s strength, her bravery, and how much she comes into her own on the trail. She spoke with TV Insider about “1883” as a whole, her experiences working on the show, and what she’d like to explore more with Noemi.

When Noemi’s personal journey was mentioned, Brancusi replied, “She’s a really brave woman and I think the kids are part of it. I don’t know what it’s like to have children, but I imagine when you have children, you don’t really have a choice. You have to be brave and braver than you think you are for them, but they’ve seen a lot on this journey.”

Brancusi mentioned a scene where Shea asks Thomas “How’s your lady?” and Thomas answers, as Brancusi paraphrased, “If we make it to Oregon, by the time we make it to Oregon, her skin’s gonna be so thick you can’t cut it with a knife.” She continued, “I think that’s what happens.”

Noemi grew a thick skin on the trail, she became tough and resilient, but still emotionally available and willing to accept love. She readily accepted Thomas, warts and all, as they both had trauma from their pasts that brought them together. They were mired in hurt and tragedy but found solace in each other.

Praise for Thomas and Noemi’s Journey Together

The trail was bleak and dangerous, and yet Thomas and Noemi still managed to find their happy ending at the end of “1883”; they dug out a little corner of peace for themselves and the children. Gratiela Brancusi praised their characterization and journey throughout the season, but especially a specific scene where Noemi holds Thomas’ hand. She cited that as her favorite scene.

“LaMonica [Garrett] did such a good job creating his character and you can see how foreign this gesture is to him, a tender gesture,” she praised. “It’s just so beautiful in so many ways, and it’s just beautiful to see her take ownership. She doesn’t know specifically of all the trauma he’s been through and all his background, but I think she feels it in him […] It’s just so beautiful, the way Taylor [Sheridan] wrote it. Because Thomas takes care of her by building her up and by bringing her to a point where she can take care of herself, she doesn’t need him, which is such a selfless kind of love. I just love his character so much.”