‘1883’ Star Gratiela Brancusi Revealed Favorite Scene She Filmed

by Amy Myers

With all of the action, drama and beauty packed into each episode of 1883, it’s no wonder why cast members like Gratiela Brancusi have a tough time choosing their favorite one. Each week, the series shared a new aspect of the harrowing and heartbreaking journey that the pioneers embarked on. But for Brancusi, there are a few moments on set that stand out among the rest.

The Highlights

  • Gratiela Brancusi enjoyed the entire filming process of 1883
  • Some of her favorite scenes were in Episode 3 and 6
  • She still appreciates how talented her co-stars are

‘1883’s Gratiela Brancusi Might Not Have a Favorite Episode, But She Does Have Favorite Scenes

Of course, for 1883 fans, our favorite scenes of Brancusi’s were those sweet moments between Noemi and Thomas [LaMonica Garrett]. Watching their relationship unfold throughout the season provided the positivity and heartwarming moments that we needed to get through the chaos and tragedy. So, not surprisingly, Brancusi, herself, enjoyed these scenes as well.

“I love all of [the scenes], but maybe Episode 6, the morning scene when they wake up and when [Noemi] reaches down and she holds [Thomas’] hand because I think a lot changes there in both of them and that’s where sort of this new chapter begins for both of them,” the 1883 star shared. “And then obviously Episode 3, my scene with Sam and LaMonica, which was my first dialogue scene on camera, and it was so overwhelming and scary and at the same time, so beautiful because working with someone like Sam and LaMonica, who are so supportive and so kind to me and so generous, was such a good example of how far generosity can take us. I’ll definitely never forget that one.”

Brancusi Expresses Admiration for Garrett’s Abilities

A huge part of Brancusi’s experience on 1883 was her relationship with her co-stars. On set, Garrett helped her tap into that mindset of her character. During that moment in Episode 3 when Noemi took his hand, Thomas pulled away. He demonstrated to us that he was unsure how to respond to such blatant affection.

“Yeah, and LaMonica did such a good job creating his character and you can see how foreign this gesture is to him, a tender gesture,” Brancusi remembered. “It’s just something he’s never really known, so he doesn’t know how to even do it. It’s just so beautiful in so many ways, and it’s just beautiful to see her take ownership. She doesn’t know specifically of all the trauma he’s been through and all his background, but I think she feels it in him.”

Garrett and Brancusi complemented each other’s on-screen abilities with such ease. So, when they finally reached Oregon in the end, fans could rest easy knowing that the two characters would have their happily ever after.