‘1883’ Star Isabel May Lands Major New Role Opposite Casey Affleck

by Taylor Cunningham

Following her major success as Elsa Dutton on the Yellowstone prequel 1883, Isabel May has landed a new role alongside Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck.

As The Hollywood Reporter shared, the 21-year-old has inked a deal to star in The Smack. The story puts Affleck in the lead role as Rowan Petty, an often unsuccessful conman who will take every chance to make a score. To better his chances of making it big in crime, he teams up with a woman named Jade. And the two of them head to LA.

Once they get to the city, the duo finds themselves mixed up in a deadly multi-million dollar scheme, and no one can be trusted. The Smack is based on Richard Lange’s 1979 novel written by the same name.

The 1883 starlet will play Petty’s estranged daughter, a young woman who is battling a severe medical issue. The film will also star The Wrestler’s Marisa Tomei and Nope’s Keke Palmer 

The Perfect Guy’s David M. Rosenthal is helming the movie, and it will start shooting in LA at the beginning of October. As of yet, there is no timeline for the release of The Smack.

The ‘1883’ Star’s DC Universe Project Scrapped A Month After Announced

The good news comes four months after Isabel May’s last project was canceled. The actress was supposed to star in Wonder Twins, a movie based on DC comics brother and sister superhero twins Zan and Jayna. But the movie was cut before it even began filming.

May was set to play Jayna, who is able to take the form of any animal she wishes. Riverdale’s KJ Apa was ready to play Zan, Jayna’s counterpart who can take the form of water. And HBO Max agreed to host the project. Unfortunately, the streamer scrapped the plan due to rumored budget cuts.

The concept came as the DC universe is looking to expand. While Zan and Jayna aren’t as well known as superheroes like Batman or Superman, they enjoyed some fame in print. They have had some TV time with The All-New Super Friends Hour. But the duo hasn’t been a focus in any other parts of the franchise.

TV Line reported that Wonder Twins had a massive budget of $75 million. But sometime in between pre-production and production, HBO Max merged with Warner Bros. And CEO David Zaslav decided that the companies were spending too much money. So he set out to cut $3 billion of spending. And Isabel May’s project took up a large portion of that.