‘1883’ Star Isabel May on Working with Faith Hill: ‘Such a Goofball’

by Leanne Stahulak

After five months of filming for “1883,” stars Isabel May, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill have definitely formed a close bond.

May sat down with Kelly Clarkson earlier this week to talk about her time on the show and relationships with other “1883” cast members. At one point, May discussed Hill specifically and how she makes everyone laugh on set.

“I mean, Faith Hill is one of the kindest people I think I’ve ever met in my life. And she’s a goofball!” May revealed. “She’s such a goofball, oh my goodness. She makes animal noises, weird animal noises, she’s so gifted at it too.”

May then demonstrated how Hill will sometimes snort like a pig. But she stopped there to keep from embarrassing the “1883” star any further.

But more surprising than finding out that Faith Hill has a silly side is hearing that May had no idea who Hill or Tim McGraw were prior to filming. Clarkson asked May how it felt to have the two country superstars as her parents in “1883,” which caused May to reveal her secret.

“[It was] kind of incredible,” May began. “I mean, Tim knows this already so this isn’t a big shock to him. But I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know that they were big [stars].”

“Wait, what?” Clarkson interrupted. “What rock did you live under?”

For context, May is only 21 years old and apparently didn’t grow up listening to her “1883′ costars’ music. But still.

Clarkson did find a silver lining to this fun fact though. “Oh my god, you’re so lucky though,” Clarkson said. “You have all this music to catch up on!” That is indeed something for May to look forward to.

The “1883” star added, “To me, I just got to get to know them as just human beings. There was a blank slate. They’re just the loveliest people I think I’ve ever met. I immediately fell in love with them and it was so genuine.”

Paramount Plus Executives Talk Potential Second Season for ‘1883’

With how well “1883” is doing so far, can we expect to see a second season? There’s been no official confirmation yet, but some Paramount Plus executives indicate yes.

Nicole Clemens, the president of Paramount Plus’s original scripted series, spoke with Variety earlier this week about the possibility.

“There’s a whole Taylor Sheridan universe coming your way,” she said. A universe that hopefully includes more Dutton family history.

Tanya Giles, chief programming officer, added a little bit more about the possibility of “1883” Season 2. “The journey west is a long one, there’s lots of stories to tell,” she said. By all accounts, it certainly seems like we can expect to see more Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott on our screens in the future.