‘1883’ Star James Landry Hebert Praises Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Contributions on Set

by Shelby Scott

In the fictional realm of “1883,” James Landry Hebert plays the experienced cowboy and hand Wade. Amid the series, he is a rather low-key individual, keeping his short, quiet interactions among James, Shea, and Thomas, aiding Margaret and Elsa when needed. However, on Instagram, the series star is outspokenly praising country music icons and fellow costars, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for their work amid filming.

The “1883” star’s post reveals several shots from the latest episode, and definitely the most heartwrenching one of the series. Shown in his cowboy attire, Hebert kneels beside Faith Hill, in costume as Margaret Dutton. Together, they take aim at the approaching group of Lakota warriors.

“Working w/ [Faith Hill] was always such a blast,” the cowboy shared with his followers. “Her and [Tim McGraw] were so much fun behind the scenes[,] it really helped us stay loose when the stakes were high.”

After seeing so much pain and tragedy, within “1883” as a whole but in the latest episode specifically, it’s reassuring to know that the solemnity and grimness we often see wasn’t always the reality in filming.

‘1883’ Fans Sound Off About Wade and Margaret’s Relationship

And while the Wade actor clearly has a comradery with fellow hire Colton, he and Margaret’s relationship has grown immensely since “1883” premiered, the headstrong wife and mother even willing to leave her young son in the cowboy’s hands from time to time. Fans observed that much in the comments.

“I love the relationship that has been built between these two,” wrote one of Hebert’s followers. Another stated, “I enjoy your character so much!! Feels like [you’re] part of the Duttons family now!”

Being that Wade helped put Elsa back together near the end of episode nine, that statement only rings truer. Follow Wade and the rest of the caravan when “1883” returns for one final episode next week.

Fans Prepare to Say Good-Bye to Elsa Dutton

While Wade’s future with the Duttons remains uncertain (after all, he really works for Shea), Elsa‘s fate has solidified right in front of us. The episode one flash-forward that saw Elsa gutted with a Native American arrow received much-needed context on Sunday, following the latest episode’s premiere. And while, miraculously, she has survived gunfire, rivers, tornadoes, and loads of emotional trauma, her luck has, finally, run out.

As we know from James and Margaret’s dismal conversation at the end of the last episode, Elsa likely won’t survive their journey much longer. And as such, they plan to settle wherever her grave might lie. Already, she’s developed a fever which means her wound has internally become infected.

So, as we prepare for the finale of “1883’s” first season, fans are anxious to see what remains of Elsa’s short life and what defining moments fulfill her legacy.