‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Calls Thomas the ‘Soul’ of the Show

by Courtney Blackann

Amid tragedy, rough conditions, and an uncertain future, “1883’s” Thomas remains optimistic. He’s one of the most complex characters onscreen, While his friendship with Capt. Shea Brennan yields a trust between the two, they have their own outlooks on life. And Thomas refuses to give up hope that future generations will make great contributions to the world. This is why actor Lamonica Garrett says he’s the ‘soul’ of the series.

Speaking about his character in an interview with TV Line, Garrett shares the reasons that Thomas is on this journey. And it’s not just about seeking glory or riches in a new land. He has a much more altruistic outlook on traveling westward.

“Out of all the people in this group, Thomas had it the hardest as far as being in this time period as a Black man. He’s seen the worst of mankind and he still has this hope. And he’s the soul of the show. He’s the humanity of the show. He still has this hope in these children that will grow up to be something that might change the world,” Garrett begins.

He also says that:

“Even though the outlook around him and everything around him in this world is telling him that it’s a lost cause, it’s just a harsh environment and nothing good’s ever gonna happen, he still has that, despite all the stuff he’s seen. So him starting a relationship with Noemi, I think he knows more than anyone where this could end up, but you put your best foot forward and you hope for the best.”

The Softer Side to “1883’s” Thomas

As his story unfolds, we begin to see a softer side of Thomas. Despite his best efforts, he also develops feelings for the beautiful young mother Noemi. In the most recent episode, we see their relationship take a turn into something romantic. Noemi tells Thomas that his desire to protect her is love. And she tells him she loves him too.

Though the two come from very different backgrounds, they’ve both experienced loss and heartbreak. There’s an understanding between the characters that makes them understand each other. And Thomas cares for the mother of two more and more each day.

As “1883” moves forward, Garrett also says we’re going to see even more of a softer side to Thomas.

“You’re gonna see more of it, and in this series, the thing that jumped out at me was the men start out gruff and edgy and a little harder and the women start out softer, coming from their traditions.”

We’ll just have to wait and see where Thomas’ story heads in the following episodes. The next episode of “1883” airs on Paramount+ Sunday, February 6.