‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Congratulates Taylor Sheridan on 2022 Writers Guild Nomination

by Courtney Blackann

Following the announcement that “1883” is being nominated for a 2022 Writers Guild Award for Best Episodic Drama, actor Lamonica Garrett is congratulating Taylor Sheridan.

In a post on Instagram, the “1883” actor shared his excitement over the drama series’ recognition. He posted a photo of a cover of the series. Garrett did this along with a caption congratulating the cast and crew. He also sent well wishes to creator Taylor Sheridan over about the announcement.

“Congrats to #taylorsheridan and the cast and crew of @1883official Hard work recognized,” Garrett commented.

The series was also received with great acclaim following its airing in December 2021. The fifth episode of the western drama is set to premiere on January 16.

Additionally, Lamonica Garrett portrays Thomas. He’s a cowboy and loyal friend to Shea Brennan (Sam Eliott). The drama follows them as they help dozens of immigrants and gypsies head west. This is with the promise of a new life. Thomas is a leader among the crew and his wisdom as a cowboy lends a helping hand to the group of travelers.

And Garrett is thankful and excited about the role. He shares his thoughts about his character, especially being an African American leader during a time following the Civil War.

Lamonica Garrett on “1883” Writing

“The one thing I loved about these scripts and Taylor’s writing for this Black cowboy, slavery was never mentioned. You know, the N-bomb was never dropped,” Garrett continued. “It was just what you think a Black cowboy would have to go through in this era. He was just a cowboy. And that’s what these Black cowboys were back then. They were just cowboys, but they had stories. We just don’t know those stories.”

Further, the “1883” actor shares how he loves the way Taylor Sheridan writes his characters. He says the writing connects their characters with his audience. Sheridan has previously said that he wanted to write the western drama like a novel – and let it unfold like chapters in a book. Garrett appreciates this from the master storyteller.

“I love how Taylor wrote these characters,” the actor said when asked about playing a black cowboy who lived through the Civil War. ” Not a lot is said throughout the series about Thomas’ race, about slavery, or about where he comes from. Thomas brings it up in conversations between him and Shea that come up here and there and conversations that he has with other characters like Noemi [played by Gratiela Brancusi]. But they’re not leaning into it.”

The drama series also airs every Sunday night on Paramount+. Its debut witnessed a mass audience that follow the series because of its ties to “Yellowstone.” The drama details the first generation of Duttons as they head west in search of a new life in the west. Along with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Lamonica Garrett joins Isabel May and Sam Elliott in a star-studded cast.