‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Had Front Row Seats to One of the Show’s Major Deaths: ‘Wasn’t a Dry Eye to Be Found’

by Jonathan Howard

Fans that tuned into the Yellowstone prequel series 1883 saw a character death that LaMonica Garrett got a front-row seat for. There were many deaths throughout the journey on the Oregon Trail. However, the future Montana ranch family would suffer more than just one loss.

Of course, young Elsa Dutton went through one of the biggest heartbreaks and tragedies on the show. On the lonesome trail, Elsa found her calling. To be a cowboy. She also happened to fall in love with a cowboy, Ennis. It was a quick and fleeting romance and one that ended too prematurely.

Ever since that moment, fans have been talking about how wild and moving the whole Ennis saga was. In the end, bandits shot and killed the young cowboy, who had just recently felt love for the first time. Every time we get a behind-the-scenes look into the scene and the moment leading up to it, we have to pay attention.

So, check out LaMonica Garrett’s latest post and see some of those BTS pics.

“Out POV to an [1883] death that changed the game. During rehearsals, you could hear a pin drop in that field. And during filming, wasn’t a dry eye to be found,” the actor posted.

The 1883 death was one worthy of any cowboy. However, it was a Taylor Sheridan production. The death might have been somewhat textbook, but it also showed the very real ugliness of death. It wasn’t pretty, and that’s why it was a moment viewers couldn’t pull away from. And they still aren’t over it.

Eric Nelsen was perfect for the moment, as was Isabel May.

LaMonica Garrett is Ready to Get Started on Another Series

While the success of 1883 has not gone unappreciated for LaMonica Garrett, the actor is ready to get started on other projects. When you see him on screen next it’s likely going to be on a new Amazon Prime Video series The Terminal List. This isn’t quite a historical fiction Western, but it still has us excited all the same.

Garrett is going to star in the series, which is led by Chris Pratt and Riley Keough. A former Navy SEAL, Pratt’s character has to get some vengeance. It is a pretty classic revenge story that looks like it will have some great twists and turns throughout it. With a cast with such big names, you have to think that the production value is going to be just as high.

So, 1883 might be over, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing LaMonica Garrett around. Besides, he’s got a little too much cowboy in him to stay away from a Taylor Sheridan production for long. Next is The Terminal List but who knows when we’ll see Garrett crossover with the Yellowstone universe again.