‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Has Two Suggestions for Watching the Season Finale

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” prequel “1883” wrapped up its first season with a tear-jerking finale that saw numerous characters meet their end.

Warning: Potential “1883” Season One Spoilers Ahead

The “1883” season one finale was released not long ago and fans are having trouble keeping their emotions in check. The finale killed off a number of primary characters as the saga takes a few unexpected turns. “1883” tells the story of the Dutton family and how they came to make Montana their home.

Country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play the lead characters in the series, James and Margaret Dutton. They are the direct descendants of current “Yellowstone” Ranch owner, John Dutton. The series follows the Dutton family and their traveling companions as they travel the Oregon Trail in hopes of making better lives for themselves. The first season led up to the shocking conclusion. If you have not yet watched the finale, “1883” star LaMonica Garrett, who plays Thomas, has some advice for you.

In a social media post this morning (Sunday), Garrett says you may want to grab a few things before sitting down to watch the finale. He also includes a black and white photo of Thomas and fellow Oregon Trail traveler Shea Brennan, played by the legendary Sam Elliott.

“Welp! Today is the Day,” he says in the social media post. “The ‘1883’ finale is up on Paramount Plus. Kleenex and comfort food suggested.”

The kleenex is for the tears you will inevitably drop watching the “1883” finale and the comfort food is to increase your enjoyment. Numerous fans and social media users have praised Garrett’s work on the series.

“Fantastic episode!” one fan writes. “Those deaths are simply heartbreaking.”

‘1883’ Star Lamonica Garrett Looks Back on Season One

Unlike many of the other main “1883” characters, Thomas and his family have survived the treacherous trip. The same cannot be said for other popular characters like Elsa Dutton and Shea Brennan.

In a recent interview, speaks on his “1883” season one journey that sees Thomas not survive but thrive.

“Yeah, and that was unexpected for me,” he says of Thomas’s survival. “When I was reading the scripts, each shootout towards the end of the season, I’m like, ‘here’s where Thomas gets it,’ just in the back of my brain, ‘this is where it happens.’ And then the more I keep reading… That’s when I told other people about this show, whatever you think is going to happen, if you think, oh yeah, it’s the same old Western, it’s the same old this, the same that, Taylor Sheridan turns it on its head and gives you something that you weren’t expecting. Thomas and Noemi’s ending is something I really didn’t expect, but it was beautiful to see.”